Suggestions to reduce air pollution in Cayman

Your article on Cayman Islands’ air pollution (‘Cayman’s air is not as clean as we might think‘, Cayman Compass, 24 April 2020] is of great importance, and the two comments made by your readers are also spot-on. 

I would add that the authorities in the Cayman Islands should do more in terms of urban planning in order to reduce the main drivers of air pollution in Grand Cayman, including:

1) Charge the cruise industry a higher fee that covers the cost of implementing (and actively maintaining) improvements to air quality, given that cruise ships represent a huge contributor to this problem (as shown in numerous data-based studies around the globe).

2) Improve public transportation, with dependable bus service spanning the entire residential regions, and invest in vehicles that pollute minimally. As in all developed markets, a good public transport system reduces substantially the daily use of private vehicles.

3) Adopt a more comprehensive urban-planning strategy, in line with Cayman’s economic growth plans (i.e., more affordable housing, widespread and effective recycling of household and industrial trash, etc.).

The other suggestions are mentioned by the two commenters following the [online version of the] article.

Thank you for your time and attention on this important matter. 

Ricardo Radwanski

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