Family time.

Seeking silver linings may keep us afloat in the COVID-19 storm.

Amongst the doom and gloom brought by our isolation and the daily COVID-19 news stats, many of us are trying to find glimmers of positivity to distract and uplift spirits.

Depending on your circumstance, there may be some silver linings to be found in these
trying times.

Family time

Even those managing to put in full working days at home find they have more evening hours to enjoy due to no commute.

New skills

Extra time (and increased boredom) may lead to an uptake in new hobbies and the learning of new skills. New forms of exercise, puzzles, card games, gardening…who knows what an enforced slower pace of life will encourage?

Changing business

Businesses who usually focus on face-to-face interactions are adapting to virtual meetings, classes and business methods, and local shops are jumping on the delivery and kerbside pick-up bandwagon. This rapid and widespread restructuring of the way we function might be beneficial for our future in a post COVID-19 world.

Appreciating nature.

Appreciating nature

Without the hum of cars and airplanes, our ears are growing accustomed to birdsong and the sound of the breeze whistling through the trees. Nature seems more noticeable, and beautiful, when there is no hustle and bustle masking it.

Environmental benefits

Lockdowns and the associated reduction in car and boat traffic, as well as reduced factory output, is leading to cleaner air and waterways worldwide. This may be short-lived as economies return to normal once the crisis it over, but it shows what is possible when the world slows down.

Nature continues to bloom.

Everyday heroes

Kudos to everyone from the healthcare workers, emergency services, supermarket staff, delivery drivers and cleaning staff working overtime during the crisis, to the helpers and teachers we may be missing from our normal life. These unprecedented times are reminding us of all the people who work to make our lives easier and safer.


Despite being forced apart, there is a feeling worldwide that we are all in this together. Clapping and banging pots to thank essential workers, taking in part in TikTok challenges and Zoom calls with friends overseas, contributing to food banks and other charities…we are all doing our bit to help out or keep spirits high.

Community pride.

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