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Community love and conch calls

People all over the world have been applauding the hard work of healthcare personnel, supermarket staff, police and anyone risking their health to help others.

Helping those in need

Like most working on the frontlines, it’s been challenging keeping up with demand.

In this together

As the coronavirus lockdown impacted the economy, the community has rallied to provide meals and groceries to those in need, with many residents taking time to show their appreciation to those on the frontlines.

Cayman strong – an overview of the COVID-19 crisis

The phrase “Cayman strong” has emerged as a symbol of hope and heroism in a time when this country continues to face an invisible adversary, COVID-19.

Getting to know you: Dr. John Lee

I am readying myself for a Zoom interview with Dr. John Lee, chief medical officer for the Cayman Islands Government. He is a man who has gone from relative anonymity to being thrust into the spotlight, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Noah’s Ark

It’s not just the people of the Cayman Islands who have had heroes looking after them during lockdown – four-legged friends have been sent to safety, too.

Cayman’s nursing angels

Nurses are the backbone of healthcare, whose indispensable work is being highlighted during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Caymankind nourishes the community

Not all heroes wear a cape. That’s evident in the groundswell of support to help the community in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Doctors on the frontline

Doctors in the Cayman Islands’ public and private hospitals have responded with a united call-to-arms since the coronavirus reached these shores.

Hailing our Heroes

We are living in unprecedented times. The coronavirus emerged out of the blue and within weeks had engulfed the world and locked down the Cayman Islands.

COVID living

Shelter-in-place orders to prevent the spread of the coronavirus left Cayman’s streets and beaches deserted, with residents practising the new normal of wearing masks and social distancing.

Silver linings to the COVID-19 cloud

Seeking silver linings may keep us afloat in the COVID-19 storm.

Businesses step up support

Within days of the border closure and shelter-at-home policies in place, Cayman’s business community reacted, with many donating to non-profits or launching their own initiatives in support of the needy.

The invisible army

As the first cases of coronavirus in the Cayman Islands began to be announced, government urged people to stay at home for their own safety. But for some, that isn’t an option.

On the frontlines

Since the coronavirus crisis hit the Cayman Islands, essential workers have risen to the task. Doctors, nurses and healthcare workers, along with police and emergency personnel, are putting their lives on the line to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Heineken Happy Hour

It should come as no surprise that musicians and entertainers have been very hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Through the eyes of children

Frontline workers have been hailed by children of the Cayman Islands through inspirational artwork.

Welcome letter from His Excellency the Governor Martyn Roper

It is a great privilege to be appointed by Her Majesty The Queen to serve the Cayman Islands as Governor, particularly during this time of global crisis.

Signs and songs of the times

A group of children from Cayman’s Indian community, ranging in age from just one month to 12 years old, recently created signs (with some assistance from parents) to say “thank you” to all those who are working on the frontlines.

Bringing you the news

Government community briefings keep people informed as the coronavirus crisis unfolds, with journalists covering developing stories.

Welcome letter from Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin

It gives me great pleasure to be given this opportunity to Hail our Heroes in this special publication.

A message on faith from Minister for Health Hon. Dwayne Seymour

We really need to have faith at this time. I have never been one to rely on my own strength. God has always been my source of strength.

The many languages of Minister Seymour

From Jamaican patois to Swahili, Health Minister Dwayne Seymour has been hitting the right notes through his multi-lingual entreaties to “stay at home”.

Frontline worker profiles: Supermarket staff ‘blessed to serve’

Working her way up the ladder in Foster’s supermarket, Shanay Bryan tried just about every job in the store. Until now she never thought of herself as 'essential' to the community.

The invisible army in the war against COVID-19

The battle against coronavirus has often been compared to a war against an invisible enemy. In Cayman, as in many other countries, the 'soldiers' on the frontline are often lower paid workers in traditionally less-prestigious professions. These 'invisible workers' are helping to keep the country running.
Gayon Allen-Goulborne

Frontline worker profiles: Lab manager at the centre of the crisis response

As the manager of a COVID-19 testing laboratory, Gayon Allen-Goulbourne has one of the most critical jobs in the country. The samples she processes at...

Frontline worker profiles: Volunteer police commander has triple role

As vice president of business development for Dart Enterprises, commandant of the special constabulary and a father-of-two, Chris Duggan has three essential roles that have expanded exponentially during the coronavirus crisis.
Alia Huizinga-Wright is a nurse on the COVID-specific respiratory ward at Cayman Islands Hospital.

Frontline worker profiles: Nurse volunteered for COVID ward

Over the last two months, Alia Huizinga-Wright and her colleagues on Cayman Islands Hospital's COVID-19 ward have helped nurse patients with the most serious symptoms of the coronavirus back to health.

Frontline worker profiles: Pumping gas helps keep country running

Every morning Michael Hyman puts on his gloves, mask and face shield and gets to work. As a supervisor at the H&B Esso service station on Shedden Road, he does whatever the job requires. He makes sure the shelves are fully stocked, cars are filled up with fuel, and the customers are happy – all from a distance of six feet.

Share your message of gratitude for frontline workers

To share your message of gratitude, send a WhatsApp message to 925-8339 or an email to [email protected]

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