Welcome letter from Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin

Hon. Alden McLaughlin
Premier of the Cayman Islands

It gives me great pleasure to be given this opportunity to Hail our Heroes in this special publication.

I cannot say enough about the ordinary people who have made extraordinary contributions to our people and our country during this trying time of battling COVID-19 coronavirus.

As the majority of persons have stayed home to save lives, it has been our friends, family and neighbours who have continued to do their jobs on the frontlines to keep us safe, such as healthcare workers and police officers supported by customs and border staff and special constables.

But there are so many others as well, such as DEH employees, supermarket workers, restaurants, banks, gas stations. Of course, our national flag carrier Cayman Airways; as well as civil servants, including those manning the busy Curfewtime office, the Government communications team working to get the myriad of messages out, Government agencies and many, many more so that the rest of us could be taken care of, kept safe and fed.

Many of these heroes have shown up to do their jobs knowing they were possibly putting themselves in harm’s way; not knowing if the next person they encountered was an unsuspecting carrier of the virus.

To everyone who has “Stayed Home to Save Lives”, I thank you and, in particular, I want to thank our children who’ve had to make major adjustments to do their part to stop the spread of this virus.

I know this has been hard, but you’re staying home to protect your grandparents, parents, our nurses and doctors and all those working in our hospitals.

We are a giving and caring community, and it has taken all of us who call the Cayman Islands home to rise up and rally to keep our country going through these
unprecedented times.

Today’s special publication is but a mere token of the respect I have for all who have, and still are, helping to keep our nation of people going. The tireless efforts of our heroes have helped me bring home my message that indeed, every life does matter.

I join you in Hailing our Heroes for their constant care of our people and our beloved Cayman Islands.

Hon. Alden McLaughlin
Premier of the Cayman Islands

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