Hailing our Heroes

We are living in unprecedented times.

The coronavirus emerged out of the blue and within weeks had engulfed the world and locked down the Cayman Islands.

All of us are affected, whether through contracting COVID-19 itself or, worse, losing a loved one, friend or acquaintance to the dreaded disease.

Our businesses have closed, many of our people have lost their livelihoods and have been confined to home in order to save lives by stopping the spread of the virus. The economy has ground to a virtual standstill and the future is far from clear.

But amidst all the fear, uncertainty and disruption, we still have much to be thankful for in the Cayman Islands.

We applaud the government for the swift and decisive handling of the crisis, which saw our borders shut as soon as the severity of the situation was realised, curfews enforced, movements curtailed, and regular community briefings to provide regular updates on the swiftly unfolding circumstances.

But above all, we truly hail our heroes who have continued to work in essential jobs, to protect our health and safety. Everybody in these islands owes you a debt of gratitude and we, at Compass Media, thank you publicly for all that you have done and continue to do.

Everybody from our healthcare professionals caring for the sick, or helping to prevent sickness, to those who are keeping our country running, we salute your bravery, your dedication and your sacrifices.

The spirit of our islands, encapsulated by the expression Caymankind, has shone through these days of increasing anxiety as we watch the COVID-19 emergency unfold here and around the globe.

We have seen the selfless acts of kindness as neighbours help neighbours, compassion extended to those stranded in Cayman after their own country’s borders closed, individuals and private businesses assisting with medical supplies, hot meals, deliveries and a host of other good acts.

Our people have known hardship before, building a life on these three tiny rocks, when seafaring was a way of life for the men, while the women stayed home to raise their families and often toil the land.

Then the so-called “Cayman Miracle” took place, when the financial services and tourism industries saw the country propelled into being a leading nation. We feel sure that the stoicism of our people, both Caymanian and the expats who remain, shall together overcome this current crisis.

In the meantime, we urge you all to remain vigilant, follow the advice of our government and medical experts, and continue to care for each other until a long-term solution is found for all the ills caused by this coronavirus.

Please join us in hailing our heroes.

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