As Cayman’s leaders grapple with how and when to safely reopen its borders, we want to know from our readers if they think the country should open to international travel on 1 September.

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  1. Hi all
    A very valid question should Cayman open for tourists yes or no
    I see a mix reaction and the way it is in the opinion it looks like 50/50
    Now let’s look into this with an open mind.
    1) let’s not open.
    Result- economic turmoil not only on the tourism sides but the ripple effect will go further on to the financial sectors and further onwards to other aspects of island life. Look at the courier industry today. It seems they are overloaded and nothing is moving. I have friends waiting for essentials brought via courier at sky rocket prices and are waiting for weeks to get them. This is just one example and if you look more closely there will be many sectors which will be not in good situations.
    2) Let’s open
    Fear of a debacle and all that has been achieved so far can be washed away in a jiffy.
    How to keep a balance?
    If you look back at the efforts to control this pandemic on island
    Step one was close everything
    Step two was to start opening in phases.
    This is the only way to open the island to the outside world. It is not that thousands of people will flock to the island on day one.
    Sincere suggestion.
    Put all possible safety measures in place first and then open like a quota system. Saying let’s get X number of people in first week. Also the authorities should have an advance information as to where will these people be boarding and also for how long will they be on island. Like a detailed questionnaire being filled up and submitted at the time of buying your ticket like of thing. This can be studied well in advance prior to coming. This is as if the authorities will know the most before hand( like an itenary)Not that someone is spying on these people, but just if something goes out of hand they do not have to do this exercise then. At that moment saving crucial time will be of importance and you are better prepared.
    If all goes well with the first lot, go to the next lot of openings and so on till all is normal.
    I understand it is easier said than done, but a lot of things these last 4 months were uncharted and has been done.
    Food for thought.
    Till next time

  2. It is not as simple as Yes, No or Undecided. Visitors from “safe” countries could come before those from US, Brazil, etc. Those with houses or condos could come and do the mandatory self quarantine for 14 days as they have a place to actually do. Of course they would need to be monitored but they could be done with groups like the Red Cross Covid Volunteers for little cost. There are many options aside from the three given and the answer no doubt lies somewhere in the various combinations. If people come and bring the disease and get sick, we might destroy our tourist product for years to come much less devastate our own population. We have been smart, let’s continue down that path.

  3. I am 71 and live in Delaware. I normally spend about 5 month on Cayman in the winter and come for a couple of weeks in the summer. I scuba dive 4-5 times a week when I am on the island. I own my own condo. I have been sitting inside for months. I would love to come back to Cayman but my wife and I are not going to sit in the Holiday Inn for 2 weeks. Test me when I land and give me the results in a couple of hours and let me spend my money on the island creating jobs.

  4. The problem is you can get COVID in the airport and not even know you have it ( never mind test positive for it ). Once the virus starts reproducing in your body for awhile ( up to 14 days) you start to show symptoms. If the islands are going to open it’s just a matter of time until things get bad there too.

    If you do open, I’d recommend visitors be quarantined at their resorts. However, airport, transportation, and resort staff would have to be willing to trained and dressed in PPE in the hot Cayman sun. Also new transportation services, grocery services, sick care would have to be developed for the visitors and local vendors would have to set up products outside at resorts…. and more.

    It’s a nightmare either way.