Christian Association for Civics clarifies position on no-confidence vote 

The Christian Association for Civics is a registered non-profit organisation focussed on civic education, and activity.

We have supported and promoted many petitions; however, we are not the author of the ‘vote of no-confidence petition’ that urges persons to call on their elected representatives to force a vote of no-confidence [in Premier Alden McLaughlin] through the Leader of the Opposition. Further, we were not approached by any member of the Opposition to promote the no-confidence petition nor were we approached by them to promote the survey questionnaire; we circulated the questionnaire of our own volition.

The circulating WhatsApp message appears to be the efforts of an individual or entity attempting to place all anti-Domestic Patnership Bill efforts in a cohesive message. Associating or insinuating that the Christian Association for Civics was in some way connected to the petition was simply a measure by lobbyists to create confusion and sensationalistic responses and fell far short of the journalists’ pledge to “seek truth and report it”.

Regardless of the outcome of the petition, we applaud Cayman Islands People-Initiated Referendums for this effort and we hope His Excellency the Governor has taken notice that there are hundreds of people in this country who are so offended by the undemocratic imposition of legislation that they are willing to change the government, and additionally that entities are trying every measure they can think of to avoid forced legislation which is repulsive to the majority of the populace.”

Kattina Anglin
Public relations officer
Christian Association of Civics

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