Respect same-sex couples

Much to the dismay of some, the Cayman Islands will one day accept marriage by two consenting adults of the same gender. Acceptance of equal rights for all is an inevitable fact of life, and the sooner our older and more religious zealots accept this fact, the better off we all will be.

Like Bermuda, where the government fought for years against equal rights for all, Cayman will yield to the courts’ judgment and eventually proclaim equal rights for all residents. A recent opinion poll (in the Royal Gazette) suggests 53% of Bermudians are now in favour of same-sex marriage. Further, a total of 95% of those surveyed said their lives had not been affected by same-sex couples marrying, living together, or adopting children.

Many people in the ‘50s and ‘60s were raised to believe black people did not have souls. As I matured, with an increased circle of influence, people quickly dismissed that horrible concept. Just like ill-conceived rules about mixed-race marriages, divorced people accepting communion, and the dangers of participating in non-Catholic church services, maturity and increased knowledge dismissed those teachings.

One of Cayman’s admirable qualities is that the population is very respectful of others. A friendly smile and cheerful hello greet most people on the street or other public gathering places. Also, others are not subject to young lovers kissing (and more) in public. Never has the thought “get a room” crossed my mind. Unfortunately, that thought crossed one’s mind many times in other areas of the world.

Intimate activities should be in private for all people, not just same-sex couples. Respect of others will go (and has gone) a long way to instilling a strong, respectful ethic in our young people. Caymanian culture and morals will always protect our youth – both at home and in public.

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The thought that homosexuality will lead to the destruction of our society is not right. God made LGBTQ people in his image, just like he made heterosexual people in his image. To help curtail overpopulation, God makes humans and other species of many varieties for a balance of nature.

A vocal but small minority are overwrought about equality for all and marriage for LGBTQ people.

I respectfully suggest that such people never attend a ‘gay wedding’ or marry someone of the same sex. Those two easy steps will isolate such folks from their fears.

I, too, say God bless the Cayman Islands!

Rodney A. Barnett

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