Fitzgerald runs hotel-room half marathon

A screenshot of Daniel Fitzgerald's livestream while he ran a half-marathon in his hotel room while in quarantine.

As Daniel Fitzgerald quickly realised, life in quarantine can feel a bit monotonous.

“There’s not much to do in isolation and in quarantine,” said Fitzgerald, a former dive instructor who lost his job as a result of Cayman’s COVID-19 prevention measures. “I was watching a lot of Netflix and TV and reading some books and stuff.”

Two weeks on that schedule, however, just wasn’t cutting it.

So he decided to be a bit more active. It started with 20 minutes of hotel-room workouts. Push-ups and sit-ups were the staple, but then he started running back and forth in his room.

“I actually just ran one mile up and down… and then as I was doing that I just kind of thought of the idea of maybe trying to raise some money and be productive when I was in here,” he said.

Then it hit him – do something that would keep him from going stir-crazy while fundraising for Cayman’s Acts of Random Kindness charity.

“So that’s what gave me the idea of running the half marathon,” he said.

And on Thursday, he did it. Back and forth, over and over, for nearly two hours and 15 minutes.

“I actually thought it was OK,” Fitzgerald said. “It was my second half-marathon. I’d done my first one last year in the Cayman Islands, which I really enjoyed. So it was actually my second one. The only hard thing about it was constantly turning all the time. So after 10 miles my knees started to get sore and I started to get a little bit of tunnel vision, but, honestly, it was OK.”

So far he’s raised US$1,460. Not bad for a fundraiser put together by one person with a few days’ notice.

“I was happy if I made maybe $100,” he said. “So to get that amount, I was very happy with [it].”

While he’s made the most of his time in quarantine, he says he’s ready to resume his normal life.

“Overall it was a good experience,” Fitzgerald said. “I was happy I’ve done it and obviously tried to raise as much money as possible. But also it kind of gives people the idea you can be productive in quarantine. It doesn’t have to be like torture. You can see the bright side of things.”

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  1. Interesting article. I arrived in quarantine Thursday and to combat the boredom I’m walking 5 miles a day ( in separate 1 mile increments) and plan to complete 80 miles by the time I’m released from jail. It’s also a good way to keep in shape as stuck in a hotel room for 16 days is very unhealthy. However I cannot complain, as I realise the importance of this process in keeping Covid at bay.
    I have to say after the trials and tribulations of TravelTime and Travel Cayman, I’m immensely impressed with the organisation of the quarantine process.Seamless throughout, from arrival at the airport, speedy Covid testing and transport to the hotel. Once here all meals are provided with a choice of two for breakfast and lunch and 3 for dinner. The rooms are very comfortable with kingsized bed, sofa, table and fully equipped kitchenette. I have a lovely view from my groundfloor “balcony” which is only a few yards from the golf course and lake, and the North Sound. There is also laundry service twice a week.
    Incarceration in a hotel room for 16 days without seeing a soul is quite challenging, but the authorities have done their best to make it comfortable as possible.
    I must say I would like the civil servant who had overall responsibility for this named and famed.