Government has moved ahead with its global citizen initiative that will allow individuals to reside in Cayman while working remotely.

What you need to know

  • The fee for the first year is due upon submission of the application. The fee for the second year must be paid on or by the end of the first year of the certificate.
  • The successful applicant may work remotely in Cayman for no longer than 24 months, and may exit and re-enter the islands during that period.

The programme, which covers a two-year period of residence, is only open to individuals earning a minimum annual income of US$100,000.

The regulations to facilitate the new initiative were gazetted Friday.

Cayman has joined islands like Barbados, Bahamas and Bermuda in offering this option to individuals who wish to work remotely and reside outside of their home country.

Applications are also open to couples earning a combined minimum income of US$150,000 and families with an annual income of US$180,000 or more.

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What you need to know

  • Certificate holders must be physically present in the Islands for a minimum of 90 days total in any year during the period of the certificate and shall not offer or provide goods or services to any person or entity in the islands.
  • If the employment of a global citizen is terminated then the certificate will be revoked.
  • The Global Citizen Certificate shall automatically expire on the date of termination of employment.

The two-year Global Citizen Certificate will be granted to successful applicants subject to approval from the director of Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman once they provide evidence of their income and employment, and are confirmed to be of good character.

The annual fee for the certificate for an applicant and one dependant is CI$1,230, while  each additional dependant will cost $420.

The regulations expire on 30 Nov. 2023 and applications will be accepted no later than 31 Oct., 2021 or, “in the case of an extension of these Regulations, no later than two years before the date of the expiration of these Regulations”.

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  1. This is a brilliant idea and will attract people who will spend money in the economy without taking away a local job or even increasing traffic if they work from home.

    My only question: Why restrict it to 2 years? If the scheme works well it should be extended.