RCIPS seeks to reduce carbon footprint

Commissioner of Police Derek Byrne; Vampt Motors Sales Manager, Adam Lawson; DVES Deputy Director, Mark Bothwell; DVES Director, Stephen Quinalnd; & RCIPS Fleet Management Assistant, PC Ricky Bent

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) is working in partnership with the Cayman Islands Government (CIG), Department of Vehicle and Equipment Services (DVES) as part of the wider Cayman Islands National Energy Policy Initiative to transition to electric, hybrid and low carbon emission fleet vehicle resources and reduce dependency on fossil fuel.

Together they have established a working group to review the composition of the RCIPS vehicle fleet and look at the introduction of a new fit for purpose low-carbon emission fleet including self-charging hybrid models, to meet the requirements of the service. The current front line police fleet does not meet carbon emission targets. The RCIPS seeks to align its fleet moving forward with the desired requirements as outlined in the current National Energy Policy.

“We are pleased to partner and work with the Director of DVES and his team to review and agree on future fleet requirements for the RCIPS, to start the journey towards securing fuel-efficient, low carbon emission vehicles. Self-charging hybrid vehicles provide a short term solution as we see how the vehicle market develops globally. Our vehicle fleet is a critical part of our service delivery provision to the community and it is important that RCIPS as one of the largest departments across CIG commence work now to support the Government’s strategic outcome of ensuring Caymanians benefit from a healthy environment by reducing carbon impact,” said Commissioner of Police, Derek Byrne.

DVES Director Stephen Quinland added, “My team is committed to the realisation of the National Energy Policy, including the review of the transportation market to identify suitable electric, hybrid and other vehicle technology available to achieve a reduction in carbon footprint and reduce the reliance on fossil fuel locally. As the RCIPS represents one of the largest Government fleet resources, we are working closely with Commissioner Byrne and his fleet team, to ensure we find a suitable solution.”

“Transition will be incremental and I hope to see fit for purpose, fuel-efficient and low carbon emission vehicles replace our current older fleet commencing in the coming months. In 2016 CIG approved the purchase of 3 fusion fleet vehicles for RCIPS and they have proved reliable and efficient. It is time that we move this project forward and get the next procurement of fleet vehicles right,” added Commissioner of Police, Derek Byrne.

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