Word of the Week

Kevin Goring's books of local words and expressions are a must-addition to any library. - Photo: Stephen Clarke

Not only do Caymanians have a distinct dialect, with accents varying from district to district, but they also have many unique words, pronunciations and phrases.

A handy guide to shed light on these colloquialisms is ‘The Cayman Islands Dictionary’ and ‘Caymanian Expressions’ by Kevin Goring.

Nickas (nih-kuhz) Noun1. A group of small, dark gray seeds, mostly flat or odd-shaped, which become hot when rubbed against a hard surface, such as concrete. 2. Hot seeds, which young boys use to burn each other with as a practical joke. 3. A group of gray seeds from the Cock Spur plant, which tends to grow in the wild thickets throughout the islands. E.g. “Miss Junilee say she gah fix Lil’ Frankie fah puttin’ dem nickas down in da back ah her pants suit.”

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