Half of the candidates running in the Cayman Islands General Election go into today’s poll without the guarantee of a single vote head start.

Exactly 25 of the 50 candidates are registered in the districts they hope to represent, meaning they can vote for themselves.

Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell, former environment minister Wayne Panton, North Side incumbent Ezzard Miller and Bodden Town West representative Chris Saunders are among those who live and vote in the constituencies in which they’re running.

Both former premier McKeeva Bush and his rival Mario Ebanks can vote for themselves, as can Bodden Town East rivals Dwayne Seymour and Osbourne Bodden.

The division of the jurisdiction into 19 single-member constituencies under the one-man-one-vote system introduced in 2017, means many candidates may have strong links to their communities, but still vote elsewhere.

Premier Alden McLaughlin, a candidate in Red Bay, can cast a vote for his alliance teammate Austin Harris in neighbouring Prospect.

Progressives leader Roy McTaggart runs in George Town East but votes in George Town North where his deputy Joey Hew, who lives in the district, faces independent candidate Johann Moxam.

Moxam can’t vote for himself but can count on the vote of running mate Sammy Jackson, who lives in the constituency and contests the Red Bay district.

In George Town West, none of the four candidates can vote for themselves.

While most of the West Bay candidates live in the area, only three of the eight are able to vote in the electoral districts they are contesting: McKeeva Bush, Mario Ebanks and Katherine Ebanks-Wilks.

All the Sister Islands and North Side candidates live in their constituencies.

Where they vote:

The Compass analysed the electoral roll to find out where each of the candidates can vote. They are listed below by the district in which they are running, with their voting district in brackets.

West Bay North

Rolston Anglin (West Bay West)

Bernie Bush (West Bay West)

West Bay West

McKeeva Bush  (West Bay West)

Mario Ebanks (West Bay West)

West Bay Central

Captain Eugene Ebanks  (West Bay South)

Katherine Ebanks-Wilks (West Bay Central)

West Bay South

André Ebanks (Prospect)

Raul Nicholson-Coe (West Bay Central)

George Town North

Joey Hew (George Town North)

Johann Moxam (George Town East)

George Town West

Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden (George Town East)

Ellio Solomon (George Town East)

Kenrick Webster (Newlands)

David Wight (George Town East)

George Town Central

Kenneth Bryan (George Town East)

Frank Cornwall (George Town North)

George Town South

Barbara Conolly (George Town East)

Alric Lindsay (George Town South)

George Town East

Roy McTaggart (George Town North)

Frank McField (Red Bay)

Richard Bernard (George Town East)

Emily DeCou (Savannah)

Christina Hislop Rowlandson (George Town South)

Red Bay

Sammy Jackson (George Town North)

Alden McLaughlin (Prospect)


Austin Harris (Prospect)

Michael Myles (Red Bay)

Sabrina Turner (Red Bay)


Heather Bodden (Savannah)

Malcolm Eden (Savannah)

Jeanna Williams (Prospect)


Wayne Panton (Newlands)

Roydell Carter (Newlands)

Raul Gonzales Jr (Newlands)

Alva Suckoo  (Savannah)

Bodden Town West

Vincent Frederick (Bodden Town East)

Chris Saunders (Bodden Town West)

Bodden Town East

Osbourne Bodden (Bodden Town East)

Dwayne Seymour (Bodden Town East)

North Side

Ezzard Miller (North Side)

Johany Ebanks (North Side)

Justin Ebanks (North Side)

Debra Broderick (North Side)

East End

Arden McLean (Savannah)

McCleary Frederick (East End)

Isaac Rankine (East End)

Cayman Brac West/ Little Cayman

Moses Kirkconnell (Cayman Brac West/ Little Cayman)

Maxine McCoy Moore (Cayman Brac West/ Little Cayman)

Cayman Brac East

Elvis McKeever (Cayman Brac East)

Juliana  O’Connor-Connolly (Cayman Brac East)

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