Celebrating Earth Day

Thursday, 22 April is Earth Day.

Thursday, 22 April is Earth Day. The theme this year is ‘Restore Our Earth’, and its focus is on natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

What started in 1970 has grown into a global movement, encouraging citizens of every country to respect the world we live in. Many of Cayman’s resorts are recognising Earth Day – even Earth Week – with activities and events, such as a vegan dinner at The Marriott; a mangrove kayak tour with Ambassadors of the Environment at The Ritz-Carlton; and a turtle release, beach cleanup and bush medicine tea tasting at The Kimpton Seafire.

The CCMI alumni has organised a beach cleanup at Smith Barcadere at 7am on Saturday, 24 April and Protect Our Future hosted a litter collection event at Safehaven last weekend, amounting to over 105 bags of garbage.

Even if you do not participate in a scheduled activity this week, maybe consider planting a tree or organise a litter collection initiative of your own with friends and family. Small projects can make a big difference.


  1. Avoid plastic disposables: Buy reusable shopping bags, drink from personal water bottles, don’t use plastic straws and no plastic utensils or cups.
  2. Eat local: Support local farmers and keep your ‘food miles’ low (the higher the food miles from farm to table, the more fossil fuels have been burned to get goods to you).
  3. Recycle: Recycling is an option in Cayman for items like glass, plastic and paper products. Label a different bin for each type to keep them separated.
  4. Carpool: The less cars on the road, the better for the environment. Even better – ride a bicycle or walk!
  5. Unplug: Not just good for your stress levels, also good for saving on power consumption. Unplug your devices when you’re not charging them.
  6. Donate: Don’t want those clothes, appliances and other things you’ve outgrown? Sell or donate them rather than throwing them away.

For more information about Earth Day and the organisation behind it, visit the website here.

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