Word of the Week

Kevin Goring's books of local words and expressions are a must-addition to any library. - Photo: Stephen Clarke

Not only do Caymanians have a distinct dialect, with accents varying from district to district, but they also have many unique words, pronunciations and phrases.

A handy guide to shed light on these colloquialisms is ‘The Cayman Islands Dictionary’ and ‘Caymanian Expressions’ by Kevin Goring.

Saheppmihgeezumpiece (suh-hepp-muh-jee-zum-pee’ce) Interjection – 1. So help me. 2. Listen closely, or else. 3. If it is the last thing I do. 4. An expression of disbelief. E.g. “Sweetie, if you doon’ hurry n’ go bayde so we kin go shoppin’ at Fosta’s, saheppmihgeezumpiece, I gah mek ya go wit ya dirty skin!”

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