Diver finds his wallet underwater after 2 months

Steve Ilsley, under the arch at Bonnie's Arch, with his Tottenham Hotspur wallet that went missing two months ago.

Diver Steve Ilsley, who lost his wallet back in May, was reunited with it underwater at a West Bay dive site Thursday.

Ilsley and his girlfriend, who are spending the week on the Cayman Aggressor liveaboard dive boat, were diving at the Bonnie’s Arch site when she spotted something lying on the mini wall of the reef and picked it up, only to discover it was her boyfriend’s lost Tottenham Hotspur leather wallet.

In a posting on Facebook, Ilsley said, “So this is crazy. 2 months ago I lost my wallet. I searched everywhere high and low. Had to cancel cards and had given up on ever finding it. Fast forward to today and having a dive at Bonnie’s Arch. My girlfriend just casually hands it to me after finding it on top of the mini wall.

“Slightly crusty but still with $70 CI and all my cards intact! What are the odds? I didn’t even think of searching Poseidon’s playground!”

Steve Ilsley’s wallet was ‘slightly crusty’ after two months underwater, but still contained $70 and all his cards.

Ilsley said he dives at Bonnie’s Arch regularly, as a member of the DOE team who are helping to tackle stony coral tissue loss disease.

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“The weird thing is that the SCTLD team and I dive Bonnie’s twice a week to apply antibiotics [to the affected corals] and they never saw it,” he said.

He told the Compass that he had not realised he had gone diving with the wallet, and thinks he must have put it in his back pocket when he and the team stopped off for food before a dive.

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