Government begins releasing Cabinet decisions

The PACT government has given an undertaking to release a summary of the decisions it makes in Cabinet on an ongoing basis.

The decisions, recommendations, deliberations and minutes of Cabinet meetings have traditionally been done behind closed doors, and this information is exempt from being made public under the Freedom of Information Law.

While the minutes of meetings are not being released, the government today published a summary of the decisions made at last week’s meeting of Cabinet, held on Tuesday, 13 July.

In a statement, the PACT government said post-meeting summaries will be available on a weekly basis from the Cabinet section of the Cayman Islands Government website, and accessible from government’s social media channels.

Premier Wayne Panton, whose government’s acronym stands for People-driven, Accountable, Competent and Transparent, said in the statement, “Having just presented our strategic policy directions for the next few years in Parliament, we felt it was important to take this step as quickly as possible. This solution allows us to inform the people of the day-to-day operations of Government. The more we can be accountable to the public the better we are at transparency.”

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A summary of Cabinet decisions will be made following the confirmation of the meeting minutes, which is done the following week at the next Cabinet meeting.

However, some decisions will still remain under wraps, as summaries of decisions “of a sensitive nature, matters of national security, matters where publication breaches regional or international conventions, and any matters that relate to personal privacy will be undisclosed”, the statement noted.

In a separate statement, Governor Martyn Roper said he was “extremely pleased to approve the government’s request to publish weekly summaries”, adding that it was a “strong indicator of the new government’s commitment to good governance and transparency”.   

Decisions signed off at 13 July 2021 Cabinet meeting

In the post-meeting summary published on the government’s website, the decisions taken at the 13 July meeting were outlined.

At that meeting, Cabinet members:

  • approved the Census Order, 2021 and the Census (Cayman Islands) (Amendment) Regulations, 2021;
  • approved adjustments in appropriations to reallocate funding for various outputs and programmes within the Ministry of Tourism;
  • approved the appointment of Michael Austin as chair and Alister Mason as deputy chair
    to the Board of Directors of the Auditors Oversight Authority;
  • approved the issuance of drafting instructions to amend the Limited Liability Companies Act (2021 Revision);
  • approved the submission of the Portfolio of the Civil Service Annual Report for the year ended 31 Dec. 2020 to the House of Parliament;
  • approved the creation of a new Equity Investment Output and supplementary funding for the new Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency;
  • approved the Prevention, Control and Suppression of COVID-19 (No.2) (Amendment) Regulations, 2021 and the Notice to extend the Prevention, Control and Suppression of COVID-19 (Partial Lifting of Restrictions) (Travel and Boating) Regulations, 2021;
  • approved the guidelines for vaccination verification at public events and the issuance of drafting instructions to amend the Prevention, Control and Suppression of COVID-19 (No.2) Regulations, 2021 for CayMAS Carnival 2021 and Cayman Gay Pride Parade 2021;
  • approved the creation of new output groups and increases in the 2021 appropriations to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Cayman Islands Regiment;
  • approved increases in allocations to the Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and
    Infrastructure for road surface upgrades, roads expansion projects, grants to farmers and agricultural supplies and regulatory services;Page 2 of 2
  • approved the 2022-2024 Strategic Policy Statement and its presentation to Parliament;
  • approved an increase in the appropriations to the Ministry of Health and Wellness to fund the remaining commitments for the Long-Term Residential Mental Health Facility;
  • approved an increase in the appropriations to the Ministry of Health and Wellness for tertiary care at various local and overseas institutions;
  • noted the Cautions Adult Law 2017 Annual Report and the number of cautions administered;
  • noted the 2020 Annual Report of the Expungement Board.
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