‘One White, One Black’ lauded by audiences

Fritz McPherson and Michael McLaughlin perform at the closing night of the show, held at Cayman Cabana. - Photo: Zen Productions

‘One White, One Black’, a play written by Cayman’s Frank McField, was recently showcased at the Harquail Theatre and Cayman Cabana.

It opened on 15 July at the Harquail, closing at Cayman Cabana on 25 July as part of a special dinner evening.

The play was produced by Zen Productions and directed by Fritz McPherson, who also performed on stage, alongside fellow actor Michael McLaughlin. McPherson and McLaughlin are no strangers to the spotlight. Since they were young men in high school, they have performed in local theatre productions, radio, and television, as well as international shows.

As the characters begin their journey, Bob, a past writer and George, once a musician, discuss their glory days and past romances. Eventually, they find themselves on a road to self-discovery, where they are forced to face their own personal shortcomings. Bob and George’s arguments with each other and with themselves are thought-provoking. The conversations take the audience members on a journey, through moments of uncontrollable laughter, then anger and frustration with life and love, followed by moments of acceptance and the willingness to change.

Said one ticketholder, “It was certainly one of the best productions I’ve seen in the Cayman Islands in a very long time! … high compliments are owed to the director, Mr. Fritz McPherson, for directing such an amazing show. [His] attention to detail when it came to wardrobe and set were spot on.”

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Other guests described the experience with superlatives ranging from “amazing” and “hilarious” to “brilliant” and “outstanding”.

Though it was not a grand set, it did not have to be. Everything chosen to set the scene for this play was as it should have been, from the old grocery cart and oil drum, to the small fire pit in centre stage.

In an announcement made at the beginning of the show, Zen Productions promised to continue delivering performances that are equally inspirational, spiritual, empowering, liberating, loyal, thought-provoking, transcending, authentic, epic and pure.

Based on the positive reviews of ‘One White, One Black’, audiences are eagerly awaiting the next offering.

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