Legal action threatened against mandatory vaccinations

The Christian Association for Civics and Political Education has warned that it will initiate legal proceedings against the government, if it passes any legislation that mandates COVID-19 vaccinations.

In a letter, dated 7 Sept., which was addressed to all MPs, the Governor and the Chief Medical Officer, CACPE said it intends to challenge any mandatory vaccination legislation on the grounds that such a law would violate constitutionally protected human rights.

According to the CACPE, such legislation would, “threaten the rights assured by section 2 (right to life), 3 (prohibition of inhuman treatment), 9 (right to private life), 10 (right to freedom of conscience and religion) and 16 (freedom from discrimination)”.

In its letter, CACPE said it does not object to a voluntary COVID-19 vaccination scheme, but it believes such a scheme would be accompanied by “full disclosure of all relevant information”; which CACPE said it does not believe has been provided or is capable of being provided due to a “lack of animal trials or long-term safety data”.

On 8 Sept., during a government press conference, while responding to requests for an update on mandatory vaccination regulations, Panton said the issue was more complicated than he had initially anticipated.

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“I originally thought that there was one bill, one existing act I should say, the Immigration Transitions Act, which was the governing act, but it turns out there is three, maybe four,” said Panton.

“So, legal drafting is working on various bills to make those amendments to those additional acts, in order to accomplish what we are seeking to accomplish.”

Since the initial announcement, Panton has maintained a firm stance that any mandatory vaccination scheme would not apply to Caymanians or permanent residents.

No firm deadline was given on when any such legislation would be brought before parliament.

In its letter, CACPE warned that “it will hold the Government liable for all future harm that follows from the imposition of a mandatory vaccination law”.

To read the document in full click the link below:


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  1. The thought of any religious organization threatening legal action against Government for mandating vaccinations is pure folly. What makes a COVID vaccination mandate any different than the required vaccinations for children to attend schools in the Cayman Islands – i.e. measles, chicken pox etc? All families seeking to relocate to the Cayman Islands with school age children must provide complete vaccination records and/or have a local physician administer the vaccines to children before start of school.

    Here we are faced with a very real, very dangerous virus that has been approved and broadly and successfully used around the world. Government should mandate vaccines for all work permit holders and their dependents over age 12 as an extension of the right to live and work in these Islands. It is not a religious, legal or political issue: It is simply a public health emergency and we should all do what we can to make Cayman as safe as possible for each other.