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Leonard Ebanks loses second round of murder appeals

Convicted murderer Lenard Antonio Ebanks has lost his appeal against conviction.

Appeals court: No leniency for future quarantine violators

People who break the country’s quarantine laws are not likely to receive the same level of leniency as Skylar Mack and Vanjae Ramgeet, warned the Court of Appeal in a written judgment released today (14 Jan.).

Court of Appeal upholds 10-year sentence for serial burglar

The Court of Appeal has upheld a 10-year prison sentence for a serial burglar who broke into an elderly man’s home and then beat and robbed him, armed with a machete.

Conviction overturned in $2M immigration scam case

The Court of Appeal has quashed the conviction of Judith Douglas, who was found guilty last year of cheating a dive instructor out of nearly $2 million by pretending the money was to advance his Caymanian status application.

Appeals court upholds conviction, sentence of child molester

The Court of Appeal has upheld both the conviction and sentence of a man imprisoned in 2018 for four years and nine months for molesting a 7-year-old girl in 2016.

Sentencing proceedings delayed in animal-cruelty case

Sentencing proceedings for a woman facing animal-cruelty charges have been delayed over a dispute about the facts of a plea deal.

Appeal hearing on port referendum law concludes

Legal counsel representing Cruise Port Referendum Cayman opened the second day of arguments before the Court of Appeal on Thursday, outlining its case against the Port Referendum Law and government’s approach to the people-initiated referendum. 

Court of Appeal hears port referendum case

The Cayman Islands government opened arguments in defence of its port referendum law Wednesday morning, appearing before the Court of Appeal over Zoom video.

EDITORIAL: Government must act fast on Court of Appeal order

The mandate of the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal is clear – government must create a legal equivalent of marriage for same-sex couples. It’s likely...

Court rejects Bouchard’s application to appeal ‘out of time’

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal dismissed an application by Michelle Bouchard to appeal convictions for theft of more than $2.23 million, noting that the appeal was filed one year and 321 days out of time.

Court reduces dangerous driving term

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal reduced a prison sentence of 18 months to 12 months after hearing arguments last week in the case of Colburn Murray Martin, a Cayman Brac fire officer who had pleaded guilty to a charge of dangerous driving.

Appeals court allows fund to sue BDO affiliates in New York

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal ruled last week that the defunct Argyle Funds SPC can sue several branches of the accounting firm BDO in a New York court for allegedly failing to spot fraud by two of the fund’s credit advisers.

Suspended sentence activated by ganja, driving offenses

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal last week declined to interfere with a prison sentence of 18 months handed down to Kurt W. Hamann in 2016.

Anglin loses 2nd murder appeal

Devon Anglin appeared before the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal on Thursday, when his second effort to appeal against conviction for murder was rejected.

Appeal court urges rules for processing CCTV evidence

A man convicted of burglary on the basis of CCTV evidence won his appeal on Wednesday after the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal found fault with the way a police witness viewed the footage and identified a suspect.

Appeals court rules on having gun ‘for one minute’

Torry Javier Powery-Monterroso may have had an unlicensed firearm in his hand for only a minute, but the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal considered that minute in the context of what else had happened in the early hours of March 25, 2016.

Six-year sentence upheld for death by dangerous driving

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal upheld a sentence of six years for causing death by dangerous driving.
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Company disputes CIMA records request

An international stock trading platform is disputing a Cayman Islands Monetary Authority attempt to obtain records from the company – records the company claims it does not have – for an ongoing investigation in Australia.

Jeffers appeals 2014 manslaughter conviction

Attorneys for Raziel Jeffers appeared before the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal on Tuesday to argue against his 2014 conviction for manslaughter.

Bouchard, Aspinall sentences to go before Court of Appeal

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal is scheduled to hear arguments next week concerning the sentences of Michelle Bouchard and Robert Aspinall, who are serving terms of imprisonment for theft.

Court outlines reasons for dismissal of rape appeal

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal released its reasons last week for its dismissal of Philip Turner Rose’s appeal against a rape conviction.

Canover Watson appeal filed

Defense attorney Ben Tonner confirmed on Friday that an appeal has been filed on behalf of Canover Watson, who was found guilty earlier this month of various fraud-related charges.

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