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Candidate: ‘Drop residency requirements’ for voters, politicians

Alric Lindsay has lived in Cayman since he was a child and was adopted by a Caymanian man. His business is here, as is his home, as is pretty much his entire life. However, Mr. Lindsay found himself facing a legal challenge to his ability to run for political office earlier this year.

Campaign donors partially revealed

Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital founder Dr. Steve Tomlinson contributed more than $194,000 to 10 political candidates during the final eight weeks of Cayman’s 2017 general election campaign.

1% of election votes were disqualified

Roughly one percent of those participating in the Cayman Islands May 24 General Election had their votes disqualified, either due to an improperly marked ballot paper or a late postal ballot.

EDITORIAL – The 2017 election: A peek behind the Compass’ curtain

Rest assured that while the election may be over, the Compass will continue to focus upon its core strengths – accurate and fair reporting on our news pages, provocative but responsible commentary on our editorial pages.

From the Editor: Election fuels record audience for CaymanCompass.com

Editor’s Note: The May 2017 election was a major event in the Cayman Islands and, accordingly, a major point of focus for news coverage in the Cayman Compass.

Voters ‘disenfranchised’ by residency rules, say election observers

Hundreds of Caymanian voters are likely being disenfranchised by rules that require them to live in the territory for two out of four years before the last registration date for a general election.

EDITORIAL – Election Day 2017: A good moment for democracy in Cayman

Looking back at the vigor of the campaign season and its apotheosis on Wednesday, we can all, finally, let ourselves relax a bit – and look forward to the future with calm optimism and anticipation.
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One Man, One Vote, many complaints

Several of the candidates in Wednesday’s election have indicated that their constituents have misgivings about the new electoral system in Cayman.

EDITORIAL – Election Day: It is time for the people to speak

Today is a celebration of self-governance and equality in the Cayman Islands. It is Election Day – a most fitting occasion for odes to democracy, “the will of the people” and political stability.
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Need a beer on Election Day? Buy in advance

The Cayman Islands will be “dry” on Wednesday – no alcohol sales are allowed – between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. as per the Elections Law.

Voter registration extended

Caymanians who want to participate in the next general election now have until midnight Monday, Jan. 16, 2017 to register to vote. The Elections Office agreed late last week to extend the registration deadline from Dec. 31 in order to ensure everyone who wants to has an opportunity to sign up.

Most youth not signed up for election

Even though it has estimated a record number of registered voters for next spring’s general election, the Cayman Islands Elections Office said this week that it appears a majority of younger Caymanians are not taking part.

Ruling Progressives party pledges voter challenges

The switch to 19 single-member voting districts ahead of the upcoming May 2017 general election has suddenly made the home address of prospective voters very important. Premier Alden McLaughlin said last week that voters will now find themselves participating in constituencies where individual votes will be determined by strict boundary lines.

Election information campaign launched

The Elections Office is launching an information campaign to help the public better understand changes to the voting system. Changes to the Elections Law this year implemented the principle of single-member constituencies, meaning voters in the larger multi-member districts will no longer be able to elect more than one representative to the LA.

EDITORIAL – Let the election campaign begin (not a typo)

As always, our news pages will remain neutral and objective, and our opinion pages will contain well-researched and strongly articulated viewpoints on matters we believe are important to our readers and our country. Overall, our coverage of the elections will be balanced, robust and focused on issues — not personalities.

Cayman’s voter rolls top 19,500

The Elections Office says it has signed up 1,052 new voters as canvassers go door to door to make sure every eligible voter is registered for the May 2017 general election. The total number of voters in the Cayman Islands is now 19,515, according to the Elections Office.

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