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A craft that time forgot

There was a time when the craft of fishnet weaving was a common sight in the outlying districts. Cast nets were most popular and it took patience to make them and strong men to use them.

Local culture focus of academic journal

A new academic journal has been published with an exclusive focus on Cayman culture. The Journal of the UCCI recently published an issue called “The Caymanian Landscape,” which aims to provide local scholarship on a variety of topics.

George Town Primary students enjoy day of culture

Quadrille lessons, maypole dancing and thatch work demonstrations were only some of the “old-time thing” displaying the sights and smells at George Town Primary School last week. Students and teachers got a chance to learn about Caymanian culture from visiting local heritage ambassadors.

Schools to receive arts and culture journal

The latest volume of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s arts and culture publication is being distributed to all Cayman schools. The latest volume of “Foundation, the Arts & Culture Journal of the Cayman Islands,” the fourth to be published, features the Sister Islands, covering the years from early settlement to modern-day.

People Time Forgot: Capt. Marvin Ebanks

People from around the globe made visits to Cayman just to experience snorkeling, fishing and a beach cookout with Captain Marvin and his crew on trips, which used to last all day.

‘Life Flow’ exhibition opens

The odds are very good that you have already seen Yonier Powery’s work, and although you may not have noted the name on the painting, you will remember how colorful it was and how it grabbed your attention.

Heritage Arts show at Ritz-Carlton on Friday

A brand-new art exhibition showcasing the talents of youngsters is opening Friday at The Gallery at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, and all are welcome to come and enjoy this special event, which will run from 6-8 p.m.

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