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‘Sexuality Through Art’ opens Saturday at Central Terrace

More than 30 Cayman Islands artists will come together for an evening of arts, poetry and conversation this Saturday, 24 April for the ‘Sexuality...

‘Love Wins’ fundraiser well supported

Chantelle Day and her partner, Vickie Bodden Bush, hosted a fundraising event at Icoa on Thursday night, in order to help cover the costs...

Cayman LGBTQ Foundation: ‘It’s time to live and let live’

Cayman’s LGBTQIA+ residents and allies gathered at Central Terrace Saturday evening in support of the newest organisation to join the community cause and to celebrate the expansion of same-sex partnership rights.  

Police agree to support measures for LGBTQIA+ residents

Police will appoint a liaison officer for Cayman’s LGBTQIA+ community and will review officer diversity training, among other steps, following a meeting Friday that included representatives of Colours Cayman and the LGBTQ Foundation.

Cayman’s LGBTQIA+ allies ‘let the sun set on hate’

Cayman Islanders gathered in a show of solidarity with the LGBTQ community on Sunday at Public Beach. More than 100 residents arrived, dressed in bright colours, to reject anti-LGBTQ hate speech and stand in support of Colours Cayman. 

Governor: Anti-LGBTQ comments ‘irresponsible’ and ‘shocking’

Debate over LGBTQ rights in the Cayman Islands has reached a boiling point on social media, with comments and accusations turning vitriolic at times. Governor Martyn Roper weighed in on the increasingly tense issue, calling on all members of the community to think twice about what they publish online.

‘Disturbing and dangerous’ messages worry LGBTQ community

Leaked screenshots from a Christian, faith-based WhatsApp group have put the islands’ LGBTQ community on alert over the threatening and violent nature of the messages involved.

Colours Cayman: It’s time for governor to act

Local LGBTQ group Colours Cayman has called on Governor Martyn Roper to “fulfil his constitutional role” and “restore the rule of law” in the...

Domestic Partnership Bill heads to LA

Legislators on Monday are set to debate the Domestic Partnership Bill, which seeks to provide a legal framework for same-sex couples to enter into a formal union.

Timeline: 20 years of LGBTQ rights in Cayman

The Chantelle Day and Vickie Bodden Bush marriage case has made LGBTQ rights a more visible topic in Cayman in recent years, but their fight is not the islands’ first.

Trans in Cayman: ‘We have to fight for our lives’

Targeted violence and discrimination make the Americas a dangerous place to live for transgender people – individuals whose gender identity does not conform to the sex (male or female) that they were assigned at birth. Transgender women of colour, especially, face a deadly trio of misogyny, racism and homophobia.

Colours Cayman calls for action on same-sex marriage

Colours Cayman has called upon Governor Martyn Roper to establish a deadline for government to act on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Gay Straight Alliance opens to all young people

Cayman International School student Zoe Sulisz, 17, who started the Gay Straight Alliance club at her school last year, has opened up membership to students from different schools along with any other interested youth.

Activists want LGBTI included in anti-bullying legislation

Colours Cayman is calling on the government to include sexual orientation and gender identity in its proposed anti-bullying legislation.

Colours Cayman launches ‘Allies’ network

Rainbow turtles have begun appearing in the doorways of some Cayman Islands businesses. The decals represent efforts by Colours Cayman to identify LGBT-friendly organisations on island and create safe spaces for all residents, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

LGBTQ advocacy group rallies for Brac artist arrested over ‘obscene publications’

Local LGBTQ advocacy group Colours Cayman has extended support to Cayman Brac artist Ronald “Foots” Kynes since his arrest on July 18 for “obscene publications.” Mr. Kynes has been at the center of public debate about artistic expression related to a recent series of his nude sculptures.

Bermuda’s first gay wedding raises prospect of change

Amid continuing community protests, Bermuda held its first gay wedding last week, sparking renewed confidence among campaigners in the Cayman Islands that the territory could soon follow suit.

Colours Campaign aims to stop LGBTQ discrimination

A new effort is under way to help promote tolerance and stop discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals in the Cayman Islands.

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