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Police arrest 2nd man for breaching release conditions

Police on Thursday arrested Henry York Carter, who was being sought for breaching his conditional release.

Watson released from prison after 28 months

Cayman Islands businessman Canover Watson was arrested by Anti-Corruption Commission officers Monday immediately after his release on license from Her Majesty’s Prison, Northward.

23-year sentence given for murder

John Talmage Gouldbourne was sentenced on Monday to serve 23 years before he can apply to be released from prison for the August 2004 murder of Moreen Maree Williams.

‘Gangland’ murder attracts 34 years

Facing a minimum of 30 years, Brian Emmanuel Borden was sentenced Friday to 34 years’ imprisonment for the Sept. 13, 2011, murder of Robert Bush in West Bay.

Judge considers murder sentences

Justice Charles Quin heard submissions on Wednesday morning about the sentence he was asked to impose on Randy Martin, who was convicted in 2010 for the murder of 21-year-old Sabrina Schirn.

Justice Malcolm retires with accolades

The first judge to pass a murder sentence under Cayman’s new Conditional Release Law. The trial judge for men charged with the 2012 Cayman National Bank robbery – the largest in local history.

Brothers sentenced to 34, 35 years for murder

Osbourne Wilfred Douglas was sentenced to 34 years’ imprisonment and his brother, Justin D’Angelo Ramoon, was sentenced to 35 years for the execution-style murder of Jason Charles Powery, 20, in 2015.

Cayman’s cure for criminal recidivism

The Cayman Compass published a discussion between Premier Alden McLaughlin and George Town MLA Winston Connolly on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016, in which topics including the Cayman Islands Prison System, Work Placement Scheme, reoffending rate and Prison Service Vocational Training Program were covered. I feel my observations and experience on these topics may shed a unique light on the subjects, as I have been incarcerated at HMP Northward for the last 16 months.

Judge Henderson returns for murder sentence hearings

Justice Alexander Henderson, whose retirement was announced in 2015, has returned to Grand Court. He is hearing arguments in cases where he was the presiding judge when a defendant was found guilty of murder.

Judge considers murder sentences for brothers

Justice Charles Quin heard submissions on Thursday on behalf of Justin D’Angelo Ramoon and Osbourne Wilfred Douglas, who have been convicted of murdering Jason...

Law says paroled convicts should register for jobs with NWDA

Convicted prisoners released on license after serving 60 percent of their sentence generally will be required to register with Cayman’s National Workforce Development Agency if they are not already employed upon their parole date.

New prisoner release law takes effect

A new system governing prison sentences in the Cayman Islands comes into effect Monday, replacing the former sentencing and parole guidelines. The changes were expected to take effect earlier this month, but were pushed back two weeks until Feb. 15.

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