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Grand Court cases adjourned

Evidence and arguments concluded last week in the trial of Odain Lloyd Ebanks, charged with robbery and possession of an unlicensed firearm. Mr. Ebanks had elected to be tried by judge alone and Justice Marlene Carter said she would hand down her verdict on Friday, Oct. 12.

EDITORIAL – Cancer of crime demands aggressive treatment

Last weekend’s shoot-out between armed robbers and police officers is a new and most dangerous high-water marker in an incoming tide of serious criminality.

Witnesses sought in police shooting

Police have impounded a burgundy SUV believed to have been used as a getaway vehicle in the robberies that sparked a shoot-out between gunmen and armed officers in Grand Cayman, Saturday.

Gunmen fire on police officers after two armed robberies

A pair of suspected armed robbers exchanged gunfire with police officers pursuing them through the back streets of Prospect Saturday night.

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