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Cayman dive business shifting to Turks and Caicos

Next month the bulk of the remaining staff and crew of Cayman’s Reef Divers will load up four boats and make the 520 nautical mile, 34-hour ocean crossing to set up shop in Turks and Caicos.

Cayman’s dive industry fights to stay afloat

In Cayman’s dive industry, where the vast majority of customers are tourists, operators now are depending on local residents for business and trying to keep their heads above water until the borders reopen.

Ocean Frontiers explores Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Wall

East End's Ocean Frontiers takes divers on a one-off, day-long trip to Little Cayman.

Divers prepare to go back underwater

Dive sites across Grand Cayman will be open for the first time in almost three months on Sunday, and the island’s dive operators are gearing up to welcome back customers.

Plea to allow diving again 

Dear Governor’s Office and Cayman Islands government, I want to start by thanking you for your bold and decisive actions taken early on in the...

Divers push for reopening of scuba industry

Dive operators and recreational divers have reacted with frustration over Premier Alden McLaughlin’s rationale behind why scuba diving is still banned while many other activities are allowed as COVID-19 restrictions continue to be lifted.

Divers face long-term health impact from COVID-19

A number of divers who contracted COVID-19, but apparently suffered only mild symptoms, went on to display possibly irreversible and serious damage to their lungs.

Interactive map: How the port will impact life in the harbour

Much of the debate around the cruise berthing facility has centered on the potential impact on the wrecks and reefs in the harbour. Amid conflicting reports about the health of the marine life in the impacted area, we enlisted the help of underwater photographer Courtney Platt and produced an interactive graphic to demonstrate exactly what lies beneath the glassy surface.

Instructors share knowledge on training disabled divers

A group of scuba instructors who focus on teaching disabled people to dive were in Cayman this week, sharing information on the specialized avenue of the sport and the techniques they use.

EDITORIAL – Now let us praise our scuba Hall of Fame inductees

As the birthplace of recreational scuba diving, and home to many of the world’s most outstanding dive sites, it is appropriate that our islands recognize and honor excellence and advances in the sport.

EDITORIAL – Water hazards: The perils of reckless ‘jet ski’ operators

Like their notorious counterparts on two wheels, antisocial operators of personal watercraft are turning Cayman’s coastlines into speedways, threatening lives and interfering with others on (and under) the water.

EDITORIAL – When there’s trouble, Cayman’s divers jump right in

For issues large and small, when trouble happens under water, our local divers jump right in to help.

Cayman Brac diver removes knife from shark

A scuba diving instructor was leading a group of tourists on a dive off Cayman Brac when he made the bizarre discovery of a shark with a kitchen knife sticking out of its head. Brett Johnson coolly swam down and removed the knife from the shark, which appears to have survived the ordeal.

Dive pioneers join scuba Hall of Fame

The inventors of one of the first diving regulators and the man who led the first explorations beneath the North Pole were among the pioneers honored at the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Friday.

High praise for hyperbaric chamber

American physician praises doctors and staff at Cayman Hyperbaric Services for treatment for his decompression illness.

New dive resort approved for West Bay

Plans for a new $3 million dive resort in West Bay have been approved despite strong objections from a neighboring dive facility.

Governor presented with Bob Soto biography

Bob Soto’s granddaughter Amanda and his wife Suzy Soto deliver a copy of the late dive pioneer’s biography to Governor Helen Kilpatrick this week.

Inquest reaches misadventure verdict in diving death case

A coroner’s jury returned a verdict of misadventure Friday in the death of Victor Crawford, an American tourist who died after a scuba diving accident off East End on March 31, 2015.

Kittiwake wreck transformed into underwater museum

To mark the fifth anniversary of the sinking of the USS Kittiwake, the wreck has been transformed into an underwater museum.

Students complete Red Sail internships

Red Sail Sports said goodbye last week to four students who had been with the company as interns since September.

Smallest-ever lionfish caught in tournament

Lionfish cullers braved windy conditions over the weekend to pull in a near-record haul, including the smallest lionfish ever caught in Cayman’s waters.

Kittiwake shipwreck photos garner accolades

Images of Cayman underseas vistas including West Bay’s Kittiwake dive site have earned two photographers high acclaim in the 2016 Underwater Photographer of the Year awards.

Staff scuba gear stolen from Eden Rock

An estimated $3,400 worth of scuba equipment belonging to two employees was stolen Friday afternoon from the Eden Rock Dive Center in George Town.

Allen yacht reef damage ‘worse than expected’

Some of the damage caused by the anchor chain of Paul Allen’s yacht is irreparable, scuba divers who have surveyed the site believe.

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