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A tent has been set up in Pasadora Place to allow doctors to screen patients with respiratory symptoms.

Tele-medicine and tent clinics help doctors do their jobs

Doctors across the Cayman Islands are changing the way they do business in an effort to keep themselves and their patients safe.
Stay Home Cayman

Doctors urge: ‘Stay Home Cayman’

Doctors across the island have collaborated on a public health video campaign urging people not to leave their homes unless completely necessary.

Raphael: Britain is sending foreign doctors home

Britain has put foreign doctors on notice: Their services will soon no longer be required. The government of Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans on Tuesday to make the National Health Service “self-sufficient” in the next decade.

New push for cannabis oil change

Pressure is growing for government to swiftly follow through on its commitment to make regulatory changes to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis oil for medical purposes.

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