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Auditors: George Town Landfill worth less than $0

The government cannot quantify how great a financial loss it will incur to remediate the George Town landfill, if and when such a project is completed, and the lack of any cost estimates has led auditors to conclude the territory’s environmental liabilities are “understated.”

EDITORIAL – Land mines in the latest landfill report

The overarching theme to be gleaned from the newest solid waste management report is that the Cayman Islands government is in love with recycling — particularly, vast sections of previous reports.

EDITORIAL – George Town Landfill: Another report … another editorial

We don’t want another report. We want a new landfill.


Premier defends tire disposal project

A contract will be signed this week for the huge pile of tires at the George Town landfill to be shredded and used as fill in development projects around the island, including the newly approved Ironwood golf resort.

Landfill report suggests turning trash into energy

A new solid waste management plan has been finalized that calls for more recycling, composting and an incinerator to turn waste into electricity for the national power grid.

Government taking over recycling depots

The government’s Department of Environmental Health will take over private recycling efforts at seven “curbside” depots throughout Grand Cayman on Wednesday.

EDITORIAL – Required reading for landfill neighbors (i.e. most of us)

The Cayman Islands government might prefer that voters forget about the existence of the George Town Landfill and the latent health threats it poses. We doubt that will happen.

Recycling firm to remove tires

After five previous unsuccessful attempts to find a buyer for a mountain of scrapped tires at the George Town landfill, officials now plan to pay a recycling firm to get rid of them.

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