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EDITORIAL – No harm in an independent opposition

Whether they do so by aligning themselves with the Premier or with the Opposition, there is no reason independent candidates cannot work together to do the job.

Analysis: Parties aren’t taking big issues seriously in South Africa’s election campaign

Progress will depend on whether the key interests in the economy and the society are capable of making deals which will address the problems.

Will: What interest is served by disenfranchising felons?

What compelling government interest is served by felon disenfranchisement? Enhanced public safety? How? Is it to fine-tune the quality of the electorate?

BREAKING: PPM-CDP coalition forms … again

It’s Premier Alden McLaughlin and Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush … again.

No liquor

Today's editorial cartoon

Election winners celebrate

Candidates celebrate after victories on Election Day.

Elections office registers 21,465 voters for May

There will be nearly 3,000 more voters registered for Cayman’s May 24 general election than were registered for the last election in 2013. Figures released by the elections office late Tuesday stated that 21,465 people had registered to participate in the upcoming vote.

Cayman booming, but immigration issues unresolved, premier says

The Cayman Islands is “in a much better position” than the territory was four years ago, Premier Alden McLaughlin told a group of several hundred local businesspeople, with the development and tourism industry surging, unemployment down and a strong partnership between government and the private sector.

The vote

Today's editorial cartoon.


EDITORIAL – The Progressives’ unfinished business

The clock is ticking on the Progressives administration. In the coming months, our elected government will be subject to intensified scrutiny as to what it has done — and what it hasn’t.

Government struggles with delays

With the government’s 2016/17 budget approval process looming, lawmakers remained uncertain whether the Legislative Assembly would meet again prior to the annual May-June opening session and finance committee review.

Raphael: Overseas but still American

In November 1968 a young Rhodes Scholar by the name of Bill Clinton was “mad as hell,” as he told a friend back in Arkansas in a letter penned from Oxford University.

Just in case

Voters need to know

EDITORIAL – Rivers versus the Hewitts: At what cost?

“[Tara Rivers] therefore prays that … on the hearing of this petition, the said John Gordon Hewitt may be adjudged bankrupt.” … Politics ain’t beanbag.

Will: The progressives’ itch to regulate speech

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both have voted to do something never done before – make the Bill of Rights less protective.

Minister Rivers calls for Hewitt bankruptcy

A late January filing in the Grand Court seeks to bankrupt West Bay’s John Gordon Hewitt and wife Velma Powery-Hewitt for failing to pay nearly $140,000 in costs to Education Minister Tara Rivers.

Against an early election

An early election will hurt Cayman and may delay single-member constituencies for four years.

EDITORIAL – Early elections: Cayman deserves clarity and certainty

Election time in the Cayman Islands is rapidly approaching. Just when it will arrive … that’s something we’re not so sure about. And it’s a major problem.

Elections chief: Time needed to implement OMOV

Calling an election in the Cayman Islands is a fairly straightforward process, according to the territory’s senior elections official.


Vote buying

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