Against an early election

An early election will do two things:

  1. It will hurt the Cayman Islands locally and internationally and show signs of some instability.
  2. It may mean that the single-member constituency (one person, one vote) will be delayed for another four years if that system cannot be implemented for the early election.

The Progressives manifesto commits them to implement the single-member constituency before the next election. They should not do anything which will delay it.

The Progressives still have 10 members and can still run the country. Five members of the Legislative Assembly have said that they are against an early election.

The 1988 to 1992 government started with four Ministers, three official members and five backbenchers. Within about two years there were eight backbenchers which were together, and the government only had four out of 12 elected members and had lost the majority in the LA. One member of the 12 MLAs could be a swing vote in the LA.

However for about two years our group of seven and sometimes eight MLAs worked with the government and refused to remove the government because it would hurt the Cayman Islands and its people.

We put the Cayman Islands before ourselves.

It is the duty of the Progressives government, the independents and the Opposition members to put country before self and continue the stability of Cayman in the best interests of Caymanians and residents by avoiding an early election.

Truman Bodden
John McLean

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