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OfReg continues investigation of fuel prices

After the rapid decline of oil and fuel prices globally since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-March, retail gas prices have dropped by 58 cents per gallon on average. However, the regulator was not satisfied with the reduction of prices at the pumps.

Fuel prices: Regular drops below $4 per gallon

Utility regulator OfReg’s weekly fuel price survey shows that the price of regular fuel has dropped below $4 per imperial gallon, following a sharp fall in crude oil prices since the end of February.

Beneficial ownership, lawyers’ rules up for debate

Long-awaited, controversial changes that will have a profound impact on the Cayman Islands financial services industry will be on the agenda next month in what is likely to be the final Legislative Assembly meeting of the current Progressives-led coalition government.

Motorists support Youth Anti-Crime Trust fundraiser

Drivers who have been topping up at Esso gas stations throughout Grand Cayman in recent weeks have been donating to a youth crime prevention program in the process.

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