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Human Rights Commission: No parliamentary code of conduct leaves Cayman ‘behind’

The failure of Cayman Islands' lawmakers to enact a parliamentary code of conduct leaves the jurisdiction "behind compared to other Caribbean and Commonwealth nations", according to the chairman of the Human Rights Commission. 

New chairman for Human Rights Commission

Attorney Dale Crowley has been appointed as the new chairman of the Human Rights Commission.

Governor comments on key issues

During his interview with the Cayman Compass, Governor Martyn Roper also commented on a handful of other key issues that fall under his jurisdiction.

Cuban migrants move to East End civic centre

Cuban asylum applicants previously detained in a Prison Service facility in George Town will now await their process in East End under a supervised release programme.

Human Rights Commission says overcrowded prison must be replaced

Cayman’s prison system is overcrowded, chronically underfunded and in need of urgent investment, the islands’ Human Rights Commission wrote in a statement to a U.K. parliamentary committee.

Detained Cubans announce second hunger strike in year

Seven Cuban men and one woman held at the Immigration Detention Centre are launching a hunger strike in protest of how government is handling their asylum applications, according to a Cuban migrant familiar with the situation.

Filthy conditions discovered at immigrant center

Rotten food with maggot infestation, dirty and stopped-up toilets, moldy or damaged showers and inadequate fire prevention systems were found during an inspection of the Immigration Detention Centre in George Town last week by members of the Human Rights Commission.

Government remains quiet as migrant hunger strike enters 10th day

Nine Cuban men detained at George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre entered their 10th day of hunger strike Tuesday – abstaining from food, water and bathing – without a visit thus far from government or a doctor, according to the migrant asylum seekers.

Cuban migrants launch hunger strike at detention center

Nine Cubans held in George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre launched a hunger strike Sunday, hastening a regional media outreach campaign seeking to reveal what the detainees describe as human rights abuses by the Cayman Islands government.

EDITORIAL – The fight for ‘everyday rights’

We are pleased to hear the Human Rights Commission intends to focus its efforts on the issue of lawful administrative action.

Protecting the right to good governance

James Austin-Smith knows most people in the Cayman Islands will never have to fight for their right to a fair trial or freedom from torture.

EDITORIAL – Cuban migration: Cayman’s conundrum

At its most basic, Cayman’s Cuban migrant problem is this: Our tiny territory does not have the resources, population or infrastructure to accommodate hundreds of political refugees.

Cuba to Cayman: One migrant’s saga

All Yoel and the 38 other Cuban migrants can do is wait, passing the time by undertaking essentially volunteer work, engaging perhaps in the occasional protest, and allowing themselves to indulge in what they felt was forbidden in their “madre patria” of Cuba, that is, to hope.

Legal concerns raised over CCTV cameras, drone use

The potential for legal liability and human rights violations apparently forced the Cayman Islands government’s hand on the approval of a Data Protection Bill in the waning hours of its last Legislative Assembly meeting.
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Human rights highlighted for Mental Health Day

Cayman’s Human Rights Commission has released a booklet describing how human rights can apply to situations involving mental illness. The booklet gives case studies from the European Court of Human Rights as guidelines for how to handle specific situations.

Voting rights challenge filed with Human Rights Commission

Allegations of voter disenfranchisement, potentially affecting hundreds of Caymanians who reside overseas, have been made to the local Human Rights Commission in a complaint filed on Sept. 23. The case involves a Cayman Islands voter who went to court on Sept. 12 to challenge a decision by the Elections Office in 2012.

With titles like ‘Leg Show,’ ‘Spicy Detective,’ book ban labeled irrational

The Cayman Islands Human Rights Commission is calling for the repeal of a lengthy list of legally banned publications – ranging from defunct communist periodicals to Madonna’s best-selling book of erotic photographs. Hundreds of books are still banned in the Cayman Islands.

New anti-corruption commissioners appointed

Four new members of Cayman’s Anti-Corruption Commission were announced Friday, following changes approved to the local Anti-Corruption Law earlier in the year.

Cayman legalizes plans for witness protection

Cayman Islands witness protection methods that have previously been described as “ad hoc” in some cases and raising potential human rights concerns in others, will take effect in specific local legislation this month.

Churches to start campaign for ‘family life’

Church leaders revealed plans Wednesday for a campaign in support of “traditional values” against the backdrop of an ongoing debate over rights for same-sex couples in long-term relationships in the Cayman Islands.

Bermuda voters reject same-sex partnerships

Voters in Bermuda overwhelmingly rejected same-sex marriages and civil unions in a referendum last week, as the island is in the midst of a legal and political debate that mirrors the discussion in the Cayman Islands.

Lack of wiretap oversight draws concern

Members of the Human Rights Commission say new regulations on surveillance address some of their concerns from a 2013 report, tightening rules on when law enforcement and the governor can intercept communications without judicial oversight.

Sexual assault alleged at migrant center

The Human Rights Commission alleges that Cuban migrants have been subject to exploitation and sexual assault while awaiting repatriation in Cayman detention centers.

Potential rights breaches by Immigration Department revealed

The Cayman Islands Human Rights Commission reviewed three potential cases of human rights breaches against the Immigration Department in 2015, a report made public Wednesday revealed.

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