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When foreign puppeteers pull Cayman’s strings

Cayman lawmakers need to act on life sentencing guidelines before someone else does it for us.

Government record keeping ‘troublesome’

Government committee record-keeping practices can cause official documents to 'disappear from view' on occasion.

OCC: Cayman at risk of lawsuits

Spending a little money to avoid lawsuits might save Cayman cash in the future, the government's watchdog says.

Public standards bill due in January

Legislation dictating proper standards and practices for public servants is due to come before lawmakers next month.

Cuba MOU talks to start in new year

Cayman authorities will meet their Havana counterparts early in the new year to negotiate revisions to the 1999 memorandum of understanding prescribing the treatment of illegal Cuban immigrants.

It’s time for some tall tales

The popular storytelling festival Gimistory kicks-off this weekend.

End gender violence campaign promotes peace and human rights

This week marks the beginning of a 16-day campaign to combat gender violence in the Cayman Islands.

Human Rights Commission: UK, Cayman must justify wiretap plan

Neither the Cayman Islands nor United Kingdom government has properly justified the exclusion of the judiciary in the issuance of investigative warrants allowing local police to intercept phone calls, emails and other private communications, according to the Human Rights Commission.

New call to end ‘whole life’ sentences

The Cayman Islands should reform its policy of imposing life sentences without parole in all murder cases or face being forced to adopt a system from another country, the islands’ Human Rights Commission has warned.

Prison cellphone jamming too expensive

Cayman's prison system isn't likely to get cell phone jamming technology that works anytime soon.

Court orders Tempura records kept secret

The winding trail of the Operation Tempura investigation may circle back on its former chief investigator.

Grassroots challenge to FATCA in Canada

Grassroots movements in both Canada and Switzerland are challenging their governments to deny signatures to Washington’s Internal Revenue Service and the “intergovernmental agreements” committing them to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

Raise the Cayman flag, not the white flag

Cayman Islands representatives should be leading the charge against U.K. oversight of wiretapping, not surrendering already.

Human rights challenge to life sentence without parole

A 22-year-old man who shot and killed a love rival is seeking a declaration that his sentence of life without parole was unlawful in what will be a landmark human rights test case for the Cayman Islands.

Online poll: Wiretap only with court approval

The consensus is that courts must decide whose telephones and emails can be tapped, but the caveat, simnply stated, is "if you can trust them."

Online Poll: Bring back British authorities

The sense that crime rates have ballooned and that we are under siege may be an over-reaction, but the concern is clear and our poll respondents fed up.

Flood of expats to immigration likely

Cayman residents who don't hold Term Limit Exemption Permits might try to avoid the Immigration Department building for the next two days.

Locals share experiences at gender abuse march

BPW Silent Witness March supprt and honor those who have suffered as a result of dometic violence and bullying

New privacy laws sought

The development of the law on privacy in Cayman will lag behind other countries unless privacy protection measures are developed more rapidly in response to technological advancement.

Business in brief

Business in brief

Anti-Corruption Commission may get own investigators

Cayman's efforts to stem public corruption may have a fighting chance in the new government budget.

Hundreds hanging on police bail

Hundreds of criminal suspects are left hanging on police bail for months waiting to discover if they will face charges or not.

Trust forum announces speakers

Mourant Ozannes announced this week that lawyers Sara Collins and Morven McMillan will deliver the keynote address at the firm's international trusts and private client conference Friday.

Grand Court quashes tax info exchange

The Cayman Islands Grand Court quashed a decision by the Tax Information Authority to provide information to the Australian Taxation Office.

Human rights prompt new police jail cells

The modular buildings will be able to hold up to 24 police prisoners.

Suspected killer’s lawyer: Bail Law unconstitutional

Brian Borden's lawyer said a section of the Bail Law wrongfully restricts human rights.

Editorial for 13 September: Justice and justices of the peace

You might think – but you’d be wrong – that the role and importance of justices of the peace in the Cayman Islands are matters of little consequence.

Labor convention to upgrade domestic-worker rights

More than 3,000 domestic employees in the Cayman Islands may gain new protections from the UN’s International Labour Organization under a convention obliging countries to extend labor laws to household employees.

Civilian group may hear police complaints

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service will soon have a civilian watchdog group looking over its shoulder.

Juvenile girls prison plan at odds with Constitution

Cayman Islands prisons will not meet constitutional requirements that female juvenile prisoners be housed separately from adult female prisoners by November.

Same sex equality song tops charts

An unlikely song is topping the charts on local radio stations in Cayman.

Ricketts found guilty of murder

A 22-year-old man who shot and killed a love rival as he sat in a parked car in George Town was imprisoned for life on Saturday.

Cops can’t track JP warrants

Although the files apparenlty do exist, police say they have no system to track and recover search warrants issued by justices of the peace.

Cayman keeps eye on Honduras danger

Violence in Honduras is ramping up and it's having an effect in Cayman.

Convicted rapist takes immigration board to court over residency

A Northward prison inmate, who pleaded guilty to rape in 2009, appeals for his immigration status.

Vocal minority want life sentences reviewed

They are in a minority, but those advocating restoration of the death penalty are the most vocal, taking a hard line on convicted criminals and lifelong punishment.

Prison boss: $10M juvenile centre not needed

It appears unlikely that a planned rehabilitation/justice centre for juvenile offenders will ever be completed.

Government tries to boost budget surplus

Mr. Archer’s memo represents something of a departure from what has been a long-standing, but unwritten, practice in the civil service. Put simply: Spend the money, or they’ll take it away.

Baroness Scotland to give anti-corruption lecture

The former UK attorney general Baroness Scotland will give a lecture on successful anti-corruption regimes at the University College of the Cayman Islands later this month.

Global attitudes reflect shifting power balance

People around the globe believe that China will inevitably replace the United States as the world’s leading superpower, but that doesn’t mean they like the prospect.

Online poll: Majority favours raising legal drinking age in Cayman

Raising the drinking age to 21 was favoured by a large majority of respondents to the Caymanian Compass’ latest online poll.

Life sentences ‘inhuman’, court rules

Whole life jail sentences without the possibility of parole for convicted murderers are called “inhumane” in a landmark European court ruling that could have implications in the Cayman Islands.

Bush, Panton debate financial services accords

Opposition leader McKeeva Bush on Wednesday exchanged barbs with Financial Services Minister Wayne Panton, telling the Legilsative Assembly that tax-exchange information agreements with US and UK authorities threatened Cayman's financial-services industry.

Human rights case filed 
over pre-trial imprisonment

A human rights test case asks whether a murder suspect can be granted bail prior to his trial.

Robinson makes Cayman Proud

Hailee Robinson wins Proud of Them award.

Teacher, political candidate now an attorney

Recent political candidate Andrea B. Christian was called to the bar on 25 June.

CIMA promotes gender equality in the workplace

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority is providing formal training to its staff on the Gender Equality Law

Editorial for 25 June: Sentencing laws need to change

The Cayman Islands needs to change its sentencing laws.

One freed – more to follow?

One convicted killer is out of Northward prison. How many others will follow?

Man who once faced death now set free

A convicted killer who had been sentenced to death in the Cayman Islands during the 1980s [crime scene depicted in photo above] was released Friday from prison.

Justices of the peace in the spotlight

The deputy governor's office looks into how local Justices of the Peace are doing their jobs in the wake of another 'unlawful' search warrant.

Employment relations agency divided

The former Department of Employment Relations is now represented by two new entities referred to as the Department of Labour and Pensions and the National Workforce Agency.

Freedom of information review was 'private'

The Caymanian Compass is proved in the right over a December 2010 that caused a national uproar.

FOI requests remain anonymous, free

Legislators recommend FOI requests stay free of charge and anonymous.

Cuban migrant policy under review

Two separate reviews of Cayman’s policy of dealing with Cuban migrants entering local waters are being carried out.

Editorial for 29 May: Change law to help out Cubans

The Cayman Islands should change the law that stops people from helping Cubans in distress in our waters.

Cubans stopover leads to local arrest

Police on Thursday arrested a man who was among a crowd gathered at West Bay dock to watch a boat of 30 Cuban migrants stopped offshore.

Commonwealth observers have broad remit

Foreign-based election observers are looking at a wide range of issues over the next few days.

Gov’t: Can’t afford to search official e-mails

Government won't conduct a thorough search of official e-mails, saying it would require hundreds of hours of labour.

Cayman averages 13 Cuban ‘refugee’ calls a year

Cayman sees a steady flow of Cuban migrants over the past decade, but its a new ballgame with human rights in the mix.

Legal action could put Facebook on trial

Want to slam someone on Facebook? Better hope what you're saying is true.

FOI request on Ritz letters drags on

Five months after being sent an open records request, the Cayman Islands government has been unable to produce all correspondence that allegedly occurred between officials and the purchasers of The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, ahead of the public auction of the property 31 October, 2012.

East End starts Chamber forum series

The first Chamber of Commerce candidates Forum was in East End, whre Arden McLean and John McLean Jr. answered questions on national and district issues.

Data protection bill put off

Cayman's Human Rights Commission has raised some concerns over the territory's proposed Data Protection Bill.

Concern over cash
for organs loophole

Concern has been raised over several clauses in the new Human Tissue Transplant Bill which appear to allow for the sale of organs under license.

Dilbert: Cabinet decisions are not ‘secret’

A number of Cabinet records are available for release under Cayman's open records law.

Lawmakers concerned over gay adoption rights

Legislators on Wednesday raised concerns that a new Adoption Law may allow gay peope to adopt children in the Cayman Islands.

Commonwealth Day message Queen Elizabeth II

A message from Queen Elizabeth II, head of the Commonwealth, to mark Commonwealth Day on 11 March.

Address important issues

Writer says issues must be addressed.

Association: Officers can’t get ‘fair trial’

Serious police discipline cases should be decided by someone else, the RCIPS officers' association says.

Gov’t looks at ‘modular’ lock ups

Local police lock ups plan to move to pre-fabricated buildings.

Police complaints plan scuttled, redrafted

More than two years later after it was legally required, Cayman works toward some sort of civilian oversight for local police.

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