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Today's editorial cartoon

Only 1,400 iguanas culled in May, concerning environment chiefs

Environment officials are rethinking their iguana-control strategy after a weak return in the first month of a planned community cull.

EDITORIAL – ‘Lizard Lottery’: Gambling with Cayman’s image

The Department of Environment’s “dead iguana raffle” has to be one of the most bizarre, and ill-advised, schemes ever to emanate from the minds of civil servants – anywhere.

Public to cull iguanas and compete for cash

Cayman Islands residents could be asked to kill green iguanas in return for raffle tickets in a new initiative to deal with the invasive pests.The DoE had outlined plans for a $425,000 four-month culling program targeting the exploding population of green iguanas.

Iguana population

Today's editorial cartoon.

Business targets green iguanas for export

A Cayman Islands business is processing iguanas for sale to local restaurants and seeking an export license to sell the food as a delicacy to clients in the United States.

Kentucky Fried Iguana

Kentucky Fried Iguana — Our editorial cartoon

Hybrid iguanas found on Little Cayman

The invasive green iguana species has successfully bred with the indigenous rock iguana on Little Cayman, creating a hybrid offspring scientists had thought was not possible.

The peace offer

EDITORIAL – Cayman’s great iguana glut

Don’t blame Fred Burton. He’s a good guy bearing really bad news.

Stopping iguanas before they hatch

If you know where an iguana has laid eggs, you can stop their growth before they even hatch.

Invasive green iguanas could be targeted for food

Putting green iguanas on restaurant menus could be part of the long-term strategy for controlling the exploding population of the invasive species, according to chefs and environment officials.

Earth Month events wrap up on Brac

A lecture and a party were among the public events bringing Earth Month activities to a close on Cayman Brac, with the final event, a talk on recycling, scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 30, at the Brac Public Beach.

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