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From fishing village to financial hub

With the help of historians Christopher Williams and Roy Bodden, the Cayman Compass charts the journey the island has taken, including its rapid growth in the past half-century.

Letter: Port will add to congestion

Let’s heed the wise words of J.A. Roy Bodden re the disingenuous offer of the current Cayman Islands government ‘directorate’ to rescind signatures on referendum for [the] possible mega cruise ship dock in Hog Sty Bay.

Letter: Call to retract signatures ‘disingenuous’

If proof was needed that the political directorate with its warped agenda is taking the Cayman Islands from the ‘sublime to the ridiculous’, then search no more … for, alas, the evidence is here.

Bodden: For whom are we developing?

I wish to be placed on record as stating that the pace and scope of development which your articles describe are unsustainable and bring no long-term benefits to the proverbial ‘little man’ in Caymanian society.

Famous for walking the campus, UCCI president steps away

From the beginning of his nine-year tenure, Mr. Bodden has made his presence known on the small campus. A tall lanky figure with an ambling gait, he is famous for walking the grounds on an almost daily basis, engaging with students and staff alike.

UCCI President Bodden honored as emeritus

In a more than three-hour ceremony, J.A. Roy Bodden, =president of the University College of the Cayman Islands, was praised for his nine years at the helm of the school

EDITORIAL – Passing the baton at UCCI

The University College of the Cayman Islands will begin the new year with a new president. Officials announced last week that Stacy McAfee will take the helm on Jan. 1, 2019.

Stacy McAfee named as new UCCI president

After a yearlong search, officials at the University College of the Cayman Islands announced on Wednesday that a new president and chief executive officer has been chosen to lead the school beginning Jan. 1.

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