Let’s heed the wise words of J.A. Roy Bodden re the disingenuous offer of the current Cayman Islands government ‘directorate’ to rescind signatures on referendum for [the] possible mega cruise ship dock in Hog Sty Bay. (Cayman Compass, 9 Aug.)

The very pricey agenda of proposed port development in an already impossibly congested downtown location is akin to the government’s wish to have Dart build an ‘Iconic Tower’ skyscraper (with condos, retail areas and an infinity pool on top, like the cherry on the sundae) to attract the world’s ‘ultra-rich’ investors to the Cayman Islands.

Hundreds of thousands of cruise-ship passengers rampaging into George Town won’t elevate the sales of the Caymanian commercial establishment. Chaos in the narrow streets will be a side-effect of mega cruise-ship passengers

Who are the powers that be who are hoping to line their pockets at the troughs of the proposed huge concrete cruise-ship dock and the Dart skyscraper? Both of these odd Caymanian initiatives today are pie in the sky. The triumph of greed over common sense.

Nan Socolow

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