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No evidence of medical error in patient’s death

An inquest into the death of longtime Cayman Islands resident Lisa Turner found no evidence of any surgical error or medical mistake.

UPDATE: Open verdict in hospital death case

A jury returned an open verdict Thursday in the case of Lisa Turner, a popular, long-term Cayman Islands resident, who died days after undergoing a relatively routine surgery. The verdict, following a three-day inquest, means the jury could not determine, on the basis of the evidence, the precise cause of Ms. Turner’s death.

Complications that led to patient’s death unknown

Doctors who cared for Lisa Turner in the days before her death have told how she suffered “overwhelming sepsis” which they believed could be related to a recent surgery.

Patient died after complications from surgery

Long-time Cayman Islands resident Lisa Turner died as a result of complications following surgery, according to an autopsy report given in evidence at an inquest Tuesday.

Physician responds to Lisa Turner’s death

The reality of life is that from the moment we are born the ultimate endpoint is death. Death has an even more shocking and devastating impact when it appears to be untimely or premature, as in the case of Ms. Lisa Turner.

EDITORIAL – The sad and troubling passing of Lisa Turner

On the morning of Friday, Feb. 10, Lisa Turner posted on her personal Facebook page that she was “feeling nervous” as she entered a local hospital. The comments on that post started off as best wishes, hopes for a speedy recovery, prayers, etc. Several days later, they turned into tears and final farewells.

Friends mourn loss of Lisa Turner

Friends of Lisa Turner have paid tribute to a “bright and vibrant” woman who they said made a lasting impression on everyone she met. Ms. Turner died Tuesday morning after a brief illness following surgery last week.

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