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Hundreds sign petition against over-water bungalow plans on Little Cayman

The Little Cayman District Committee of the National Trust (LCDNT) has said it has submitted "between 400 and 500 signatures" on its petition objecting to the Kingston Bight development applications for an over-water bungalow resort.

Volunteers remove 1.5 tons of trash from Little Cayman beaches

Thirty volunteers removed more than 1.5 tons of trash from the shores around Little Cayman over the weekend, including at one beach that had so much debris on it, the clean-up teams described it as being like a 'small landfill'.

Little Cayman National Trust gets US$200K donation to buy land

Little Cayman resident Brigitte Kassa has donated US$200,000 to the island's District Committee of the National Trust for the purchase of 17 acres of environmentally and ecologically important land.

Little Cayman National Trust holds annual Easter Auction

The residents of Little Cayman came together for a good cause last weekend, when they participated in the 26th Annual Easter Auction for the Little Cayman District of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

Auction moves Little Cayman National Trust closer to goal

Organizers praised the Little Cayman National Trust’s “successful” Annual Easter Auction, and expressed optimism that the Trust is close to reaching its goal of raising US$125,000 to purchase land that adjoins the Booby Pond Nature Reserve.

Little Cayman National Trust boosted by Easter auction

The Little Cayman National Trust raised more than $45,000 at its annual Easter auction over the weekend, according to Betty Bua, chair of the island’s trust.

Little Cayman Easter auction to be held Saturday

The Little Cayman National Trust will host its 24th annual Easter auction on Saturday to benefit National Trust projects on the island. The silent auction...

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