Little Cayman National Trust holds annual Easter Auction

Frank Roulstone and Betty Bua-Smith stand in front of some of the auction items on display.

The residents of Little Cayman came together for a good cause last weekend, when they participated in the 26th Annual Easter Auction for the Little Cayman District of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

Chairwoman Betty Bua-Smith said that more than $55,000 had been raised for the National Trust this season through the live auction, the silent auction and the special project program.

Some of that money will be used to run the trust’s monthly operations, but there will also be funding for improvements to the Gladys B. Howard Little Cayman District National Trust Visitors Centre.

“We’re very happy,” said Ms. Bua-Smith of the fundraising total. “We were hoping to raise $50,000 just to get a new roof, a new shed and a new wheelchair [accessible] telescope. We’re thrilled to death.”

The silent auction was held at 4 p.m. on March 31, and the live auction began three hours later. Participants had the opportunity to bid on artwork and crafts, and Ms. Bua-Smith said the event was made possible by volunteers who stepped in to handle tasks both large and small.

Audience members show off their auction numbers.

“There were just so many volunteers. Everybody on the island was involved,” said Ms. Bua-Smith about the auction. “I really can’t tell you how many people. It was a lot. We had people who were willing to do all the administrative work, people willing to carry out tables, people who ran the bar, people who helped with the live auction. People who set up, people who cleaned up. The list goes on.”

The Little Cayman branch of the National Trust will hold its annual Christmas Bazaar in December, and Ms. Bua-Smith said it may also stage a “porch sale” at some point over the summer.

Gladys Howard, who passed away in 2015, came up with the idea for the Easter Auction, and the Visitors Centre was renamed in her honor months before her passing. Ms. Bua-Smith said the building’s improvements are one of the most visible things that will come out of this year’s fundraising.

“When we built it, at the time, they were still not doing sub-roofs,” she said. “There’s no sub-roof, so we need to get plywood and buy some water shields. Our building is getting a little old.”

Michelle Davis, Dianne Sherer and Tanja Laaser were among those attending Saturday’s Easter Auction on Little Cayman.

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