Power outages affected wide swaths of Grand Cayman on Wednesday night from around 7:15 p.m., including areas in George Town, Bodden Town, West Bay and Prospect.

According to the territory’s power provider, the Caribbean Utilities Company, the outages ranged from six minutes to 93 minutes. CUC stated that the outages were caused by safety systems tripping a number of generating units in response to an “operational anomaly.” The company did not specify what the anomaly was.

“This resulted in a temporary shortage of online generation capacity, which resulted in a number of our feeder circuits tripping,” CUC stated. “CUC operation and maintenance teams quickly addressed the generation shortage by bringing additional units online and power was restored in a systematic manner.

“While CUC is committed to providing a reliable electricity service to its customers, from time to time the Company may experience generating unit faults, which will result in the loss of power. CUC sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience the outages may have caused.”

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