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Lobster season opens

Under the National Conservation Law, each person can only take three lobsters per day, or six per boat (of two or more people), whichever is fewer.

Lobster season closes this weekend

Lobster season closes on Sunday until 30 Nov., the Department of Environment is reminding the public.

Grouper season closes, lobster season opens

Saturday, Dec. 1, marks the closing of the Nassau grouper season and the opening of the lobster season in the Cayman Islands.

Lobster season closes

Cayman’s annual three-month lobster season ended Wednesday, Feb. 28. The closed season runs from March 1 to Nov. 30.

No tail for you

Today's editorial cartoon

Law traps restaurants: Fresh local lobster a disappearing delicacy

Cayman restaurants have been caught off guard by a new regulation that could see fresh local lobster disappear from menus across the islands.

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