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EDITORIAL – When authorities ‘surrender’ to lawbreakers

It is beyond any measure of acceptability that our justice system simply admits its own impotence (and/or incompetence) and “surrenders” in the face of such blatant lawlessness and civil provocations.

No fun at all

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The road block

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EDITORIAL – Marauding motorbikers: When police lose control of our streets

These marauding motorbikers are making Commissioner Byrne, the RCIPS and Cayman’s prosecutorial and judicial system look ineffective and impotent. It has become a highly visible mockery of their inability to enforce the rule of law on this island.

EDITORIAL – Illegal motorbikers: Police must take back control of our roads

With every incident, it becomes increasingly clear that current means, methods and strategies are not capable of dealing effectively with Cayman’s menacing motorbikes.

Motorbike confiscation

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Editorial – Road rally: Revving up our justice system

As far as we know, not a single case resulting from the crackdown has been carried through to conviction or exoneration before judge or jury. Why not?

Five motorbike riders in court, five bikes returned

Although no convictions have been recorded in Cayman Islands Traffic Court, five defendants are facing charges of either dangerous driving or unqualified driving following a recent crackdown on non-street-legal motorbikes, police said.

No convictions in motorbike crackdown

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has seized 25 illegal motorbikes, including non-street legal dirt bikes, since last December when officers began a crackdown on speeding, disruptive groups of bikers on local roads.

Motorbike driver still at large after crash

Police are still searching for a man who was involved in a motorcycle collision with a car after revving his bike and shouting obscenities outside a George Town political meeting last week.

Motorbike rider seriously injured, left in road

A Bodden Town man who fell from his motorcycle during a Sunday afternoon ride was apparently left there by the group of riders he was with, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Motorbike problem ‘subsides,’ not over

A police crackdown on recklessly driven motorbikes around Grand Cayman is having some effect, with 11 bikes seized and 10 arrests made since December, Police Commissioner Derek Byrne said Friday.

Police seize nine motorbikes in month

Several non-street-legal motorcycles have been seized since late December in RCIPS operations, including in one crackdown on Sunday. The bikes were all either unregistered or unlicensed, or were being operated in a reckless or unsafe manner on public roads.

Police search for stolen motorbikes

Two motorbikes were stolen over the past week from parking spots outside restaurants.

Police Commissioner: Motorbikes problem ‘disturbing, dangerous’

New Police Commissioner Derek Byrne identified stopping the reckless and dangerous use of off-street racing motorbikes as one of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s top priorities.

‘Completely out of control’: Motorcycle ‘chaos’ reported to police

Dozens of riders thundering down Cayman roads Sunday afternoon on motorcycles, dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles prompted several calls from the public to police.

Dirt bikes involved in robberies, pursuits

Grand Cayman residents have complained about loud, annoying and illegal dirt bikes racing on local streets over the last two years, but now a new and disturbing trend is emerging: the use of non-street legal vehicles in criminal offenses.

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