Motorbike rider seriously injured, left in road

In a screen grab from a video at the scene of Sunday's accident, a woman leans over the injured motorbike rider in East End.

A Bodden Town man who fell from his motorcycle during a Sunday afternoon ride was apparently left there by the group of riders he was with, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

The crash happened around 4 p.m. Sunday on Seaview Road in East End district. The 30-year-old man from Bodden Town suffered head injuries and was hospitalized in serious condition.

Police found the stricken accident victim lying in the road when they arrived.

“It was understood that the motorcyclist had fallen off his bike while riding with a group of others, all of whom were possibly engaging in dangerous driving,” an RCIPS statement released Monday read. “The other motorcyclists had left by the time emergency personnel arrived and it is believed they also removed the victim’s motorbike.”

Video of the immediate aftermath of the crash circulated around the islands Sunday evening. It was apparently taken from the passing car.

A man inside the car can be heard asking to put the victim in the vehicle. Meanwhile, a woman leaning over him tells the victim not to move. Two other motorbikers with the man can then be seen in the video driving off.

“Police are requesting to speak with those riding with the man at the time of the accident,” the RCIPS statement read. “Police are also requesting that the motorbike he was riding be brought to any police station.”

During his first statement to the media back in November, Police Commissioner Derek Byrne warned that someone was going to be hurt or killed due to the dangerous motorbike riding plaguing Grand Cayman within the past few years.

“It’s going to cause a fatality, either for someone on the motorcycle themselves and cause distress to families, or it’s going to cause a fatality with an innocent driver or a pedestrian with people behaving that way on the road,” Mr. Byrne said. “It’s one of the serious issues occurring at the moment that we need to get … a grip on very, very quickly.”

Since that statement, the RCIPS has seized at least a dozen bikes, both street legal and otherwise, from circulation. However, Traffic Unit Inspector Ian Yearwood said in February that certainly does not represent the entirety of the problem.

On Monday, Commissioner Byrne said, “This incident highlights the very concerns we have raised before about dangerous riding on public roads, which puts everyone at risk. This incident will be fully investigated.”

The issue is still not clear cut. There have been some concerns raised privately about the police service’s legal ability to seize off-road bikes from their owners indefinitely. Mr. Byrne said the RCIPS Traffic Unit is looking at the matter and that the police believe they have the proper legislation in place.

Some illegal bikes that were seized in various police operations last year ended up being stolen from behind the George Town Police Station. Additional security measures have since been taken to prevent similar thefts, police said.

Another option being reviewed is stopping the non-street-legal vehicles from entering the country. Mr. Byrne has met with the customs department to discuss options on that front, although Customs Collector Charles Clifford has said that the customs collector does not have the unilateral authority to enact such a ban.


  1. I pray that the victim would be OK in the end . His riding friends/ buddies went and left him injured lying in the road . What kind of person would do that ? And why ? Could this be because they were all riding illegal bikes ? If so then I hope that they all learn something from this accident .

    Then why in this day and age , why do the Police have to search to know what they can and can’t do. Then the Custom does not have the unilateral authority to enact such a ban . What powers do the Custom laws give to Customs ?

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