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MLAs vote in favour of changing Youth Justice Law

Lawmakers have voted in favour of amending the Youth Justice Law which will now prevent criminal trials from being called off, simply because the only evidence is the testimony of a child.

No rules for campaign finance in port poll

While general elections typically have guidelines around how much each candidate can spend on advertising and PR in the run up to a poll, there were no such rules written into the Referendum Law for the port.
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Law Reform Commission looks at decriminalising suicide

The Law Reform Commission has released a discussion paper recommending that suicide should no longer be a crime in the Cayman Islands.

Attorney general takes aim at anti-money laundering assessment

Some of the findings of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force concerning Cayman’s anti-money laundering regime have been blown out of proportion, according Attorney General Samuel Bulgin.

What are the business interests of Cayman’s government officials?

A recent court case raised concerns about elected representatives' potential business interests with private citizens.

EDITORIAL – Good news, good news: At last we have a ‘permanent’ governor

Governor Roper, as head of the civil service, holds the keys to setting us free from government’s overreaching and overbearing interference in our daily personal and professional lives.

Governor to accompany government officials at financial services meetings

Governor Martyn Roper is scheduled to travel to New York on Monday to attend a series of events with U.S. financial services associations, including Cayman Finance’s breakfast briefing on Tuesday.

Cayman delegation returns from ‘engagement’ tour of Europe

A Cayman government delegation finished a series of more than a dozen meetings in Belgium, France and Germany last week before heading to New York to attend the Cayman Finance Breakfast Seminar.

Operation Tempura: Ex-governor suspended cops against advice

The two-year, $10 million-plus Cayman Islands corruption probe known as “Operation Tempura” first came to the attention of most local residents on March 27, 2008 – when three senior police officers, including the police commissioner, were suspended in connection with the investigation.
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‘Onerous standards’ ahead in money laundering review

A long-anticipated review of Cayman’s anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing protections is due to occur next month and Attorney General Samuel Bulgin has warned the territory not to expect an easy pass.

Lawmakers lessen police court burden

A bill approved by Cayman Islands lawmakers on Friday will allow government workers other than police officers to serve court witness summons. According to Attorney General Samuel Bulgin, changes made to the criminal procedure code identify court bailiffs and other court personnel to serve witness summonses.

New courthouse closer to reality

Chief Justice Anthony Smellie announced on Wednesday the specific steps that have been taken to make a new courthouse a reality. He was speaking at the formal opening of Grand Court for 2016 after a ceremonial inspection of a police guard of honor outdoors.

A month-by-month roundup of Cayman’s 2015 news stories

Top stories of 2015 in the Cayman Islands

Legal aid reform bill approved

Changes to Cayman’s legal aid system, which have been debated for more than a decade, were approved by a majority of Legislative Assembly members Wednesday amid concerns that the government was blurring lines of separation between elected politicians and the judiciary.

National risk assessment reveals major money laundering threats

The island-wide evaluation of money laundering risks in the Cayman Islands has revealed outdated laws and regulations, weak supervision of nonprofits and non-financial organizations, and insufficient international cooperation.

Legal aid bill sets $20K initial fee limit

An initial limit of $20,000 per case is proposed in the latest attempt by the Cayman Islands government to rewrite legislation governing its legal aid services budget.

Gay couple challenge Immigration decision

A gay law professor and his husband are at the center of a possible test case, challenging the “unequal” treatment of homosexual couples in the Cayman Islands.

Seaman's son dedicates his call to the Bar

Cayman’s newest attorney, an aeronautical communications engineer and son of a seaman, was called to the Bar of the Cayman Islands last week.

Rape conviction appeal dismissed

Jeffrey Barnes's appeal of his conviction for rape is dismissed, and his appeal against a life sentence is adjourned.

Publicity cited in rapist's appeal

Jeffrey Barnes, sentenced to life imprisonment for rape in September 2013, appeared before the Court of Appeal on Tuesday afternoon to appeal against his conviction and sentence.

Chamber Council urges government to repeal ban on Compass advertising

Cayman's largest business organization says the government has stepped over the line in banning advertising in the Compass.

Court orders round 3 of Tempura records battle

The quest for Operation Tempura records enters what's likely to be the third stage of a court battle.

Bridger not interviewed in criminal case

Former Cayman Islands corruption investigator Martin Bridger confirmed this week that he has never been interviewed in connection with a criminal probe that is apparently going forward against him.

Operation Tempura: 'Open investigation,' closed records

Round and round the Tempura documents go, where they’ll end up, nobody knows. But we can hazard a guess … probably down a drain somewhere.

Kernohan withdraws claims against Bridger

A 2009 lawsuit filed over the firing of Cayman's former police commissioner is finally brought to a close.

AG lauds Cayman's human rights progress

The Cayman Islands' record on the territory's new human rights legislation is solid, the attorney general says.

Judge rules to keep Tempura documents from public

In a first-of-its-kind ruling, a visiting Cayman Islands Grand Court judge on Monday agreed that hundreds of pages of records related to the ill-fated Operation Tempura police corruption investigation should be withheld from public release.

Judge's ruling blasts Bridger

The Cayman Islands court blames former corruption investigator Martin Bridger for legal delays in an ongoing lawsuit related to Operation Tempura.

Bridger off hook in contempt case

Last week ended with some good news for Cayman's embattled former police corruption fighter.

'Element of desperation' to bar Tempura records

Martin Bridger, the former chief investigator of Operation Tempura faces the possibility of criminal charges being filed against him in the fallout from the ill-fated investigation, a court hearing revealed Tuesday.

Grand Court opening: Case management to be reviewed

The opening of Grand Court for 2015 revealed plans for a UK criminal justice advisor to assist with a review of prosecution support systems.

Legislators argue 30-year murder sentence revision

Lawmakers rail against lesser sentences for murder convictions.

Bill: Grand Court will enforce foreign orders

The Cayman Islands Grand Court gets legislative support for the local enforcement of foreign court orders.

UK Met stands by its man Bridger

London police wade into the ongoing public debate left in the wake of Cayman's disastrous Operation Tempura.

Operation Tempura allegations turn ugly

Accusations of criminality, lying and cover-ups fly around the ill-fated Operation Tempura corruption investigation.

Lawyers’ bill to gov’t: $1.5M

Government racks up a sizeable bill for legal assistance costs.

Ex-Gov, AG cleared of criminal allegations

Criminal allegations against high-ranking Cayman officials backfire on Operation Tempura's former senior investigator.

UK taxpayers hit by Tempura costs

The Cayman Islands isn't the only place picking up the tab for Operation Tempura.

Bush questions airport computer porn investigation

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush publicly questions the status of an internal personnel investigation at the Cayman Islands Airports Authority that involved an employee who allegedly used a government computer to view pornography.

Governor’s office executive gave Tempura statement

More revelations about Cayman's ill-fated Operation Tempura probe, this time from inside the former governor's office.

Tempura tale: Sordid story, new audience

Operation Tempura details get aired in new setting.

Government employees ‘moonlighting’ in gov’t jobs

Some government employees are 'moonlighting' in other government departments with the permission of top managers.

Gov't lawyer moonlighting … 
as lawyer

Staff at the attorney general's office work extra jobs as lawyers and legal database operators, among other things.

Government finances disclaimed

For the first time since 2004, the Cayman Islands government has managed to report a full-year set of financial statements encompassing all public sector entities.

Former senior cop facing major Tempura expenses

A one-time Cayman Islands corruption-buster finds himself standing alone in the Operation Tempura saga.

Kernohan suit settled for undisclosed sum

Attorneys for former police commissioner Stuart Kernohan and Cayman’s government have reached a settlement in the wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Mr. Kernohan in May 2009.

Charities caught off-guard by registration call

A call to register charitable organizations that have employees has caused some consternation among the goodwill community.

Summary Court facing backlog

Cayman's Summary Courts are dealing with a backlog of 1,230 cases from last year.

Operation Tempura: What's the $500,000 secret?

The $10 million-plus, U.K.-orchestrated, Cayman Islands-financed fiasco, is back - and there's a lot of "plus."

AG: Witness protection bill needs rewrite

The Cayman Islands will have to go back to the drawing board on its witness protection plans.

Witness protection raises legal questions

Cayman Islands authorities dispute the territory's witness protection standards for criminal cases.

Ex-Gov: ‘High time’ Bridger held accountable

Cayman's former governor says it's time to end the mischief surrounding the Operation Tempura investigation.

Bridger files criminal Tempura complaint

A criminal complaint is filed with the RCIPS over the Operation Tempura investigation.

Courts to tackle case backlog

The number and variety of cases dealt with by Cayman's courts require more court space and personnel.

Cayman has four new Queen’s Counsels

In a special sitting of the Grand Court, four attorneys were admitted to the inner bar as Queen's Counsels.

Law librarians needed desperately

Over 30 regional librarians came to Cayman for the annual general meeting of the Caribbean Association of Law Libraries held 7-10 July.

Tempura adviser could get law licence back

A disgraced former legal adviser to Operation Tempura may get his life back.

Governor sends Tempura back to RCIPS

The governor punts on another investigation into Operation Tempura.

UK Met: AG, ex-Gov should be investigated

The question: 'Who will investigate the investigators?' takes centre stage in the ongoing Operation Tempura saga.

Former top cop tells all about ‘Tempura’

More details now coming out about the real dispute over the Operation Tempura corruption investigation.

Commission wants openness

The Commission for Standards in Public Life is working toward transparency.

Court space, lawyers law top concerns

Main concerns discussed at the opening of Grand Court on Wednesday were the lack of court space and the pending Legal Practitioners Bill.

Human rights cases in court

The Bill of Rights, enshrined in the 2009 Constitution, came into effect in November 2012.

November Cayman’s Bill of Rights comes into effect

Highlights of November 2012 range from the sale of the Ritz-Carlton to a Cabinet minister in court to Pirates Week.

Gov’t won’t reveal costs of Bush’s 74 trips

Citing the police investigation, the government won't reveal how much was spent on ex-Premier McKeeva Bush's 73 overseas trips from 2009-2012.

Writs issued for general elections

The Governor, Duncan Taylor, issued writs on Wednesday for the May 2013 general elections.

Cayman Islands agrees on tax information exchange with Italy

The Cayman Islands and Italy signed a tax information exchange agreement during a ceremony on Monday, 3 December, in London. It is the 30th agreement of this type the Cayman Islands has concluded.

Debate on elections law goes down to wire

Lawmakers voted to amend the Elections Law Monday, just in time to meet the deadline to change Cayman’s election legislation prior to the May 2013 general election.

Justices of the peace sworn in

Fifteen Justices of the Peace were sworn in last week, bringing the total in the Cayman Islands to over 150.

Three-day hearing over Kernohan lawsuit documents

More legal wrangling connected with the Operation Tempura investigation brings Martin Bridger back to Cayman.

Law school celebrates 30th anniversary

The Cayman Islands Law School hosts two events next week. The schools graduation ceremony will be held on Friday 4 August, and the launch of the CILS-University or Liverpool alumni association takes place on Saturday 5.

Mr. Bulgin upholds the law

Samuel Bulgin wishes Jamaica all the best for its 50th anniversary.

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