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Breaking: Lawmakers agree on constitutional changes

Legislators have accepted the United Kingdom’s constitutional changes proposal.

Saunders raises concerns about Constitution changes

MLA Chris Saunders says he’s concerned that some of his fellow members are making it too easy to make changes to the Cayman Islands Constitution.

Lord Ahmad retained as overseas territories minister

Lord Tariq Ahmad survived a ruthless reshuffle of the Conservative party leadership to retain his position as Minister with responsibility for the British Overseas Territories, following Boris Johnson’s election as the UK’s new Prime Minister.

Holness celebrates Cayman/Jamaica bonds, wary of future

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness tempered his celebratory remarks about Cayman’s 60th anniversary of its constitution on Saturday by discussing some of the challenges faced by his country and of other Caribbean nations.

UK minister: Relationship with territories has ups and downs

When he became minister of state at the Foreign Office, Lord Tariq Ahmad expected the Caribbean and the British Overseas Territories to be the “nice and quiet” part of his portfolio.

UK and overseas territories trade summit kicks off

The first International Trade Summit was launched at the Kimpton Seafire on Thursday, with the aim of building stronger trade ties between the UK and its overseas territories.

EU and UK pile pressure on financial services industry

The year 2018 came to a close just like the previous year ended: with Cayman attempting to stave off a blacklisting by the European Union.

UK will not step in on same-sex marriage

The United Kingdom has no current plans force its overseas territories to legalize same-sex marriage through an order in council.

Cayman, UK resume crime-fighting cooperation

The U.K. and the Cayman Islands have reached an agreement that will allow the continued cooperation in the fight against money laundering and other crime under an agreement struck more than two years ago.

EDITORIAL – Ownership registry: A clear picture of the fight ahead

By all accounts, Cayman and other offshore jurisdictions have a tough fight ahead of us. We need the facts in our arsenal. And we need friends in London, like Lord Ahmad, who will help our leaders realistically chart a path forward.

Overseas territories minister visits Cayman

Lord Ahmad was in Cayman for about five hours, as part of a regional tour to discuss hurricane preparedness and public registers of beneficial ownership with local politicians and members of the financial services industry.

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