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Governor Martyn Roper’s appointment confirmed

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has confirmed that Governor Martyn Roper, who arrived in the Cayman Islands in an interim capacity in October last year, will remain as governor for a full four-year term

Martyn Roper appointed new Governor

Career diplomat Martyn Roper has been appointed as the Cayman Islands' new governor. He will arrive on the island later this month to replace Anwar Choudhury, who was removed from the role after an investigation into complaints about his conduct.

UK committee opens inquiry into relationship with OTs

The United Kingdom’s Commons Select Committee is conducting an inquiry into the relationship between the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British Overseas Territories.

Opposition questions ‘fairness’ of Gov. Choudhury investigation

Cayman Islands Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller has questioned whether the public spokesperson in the investigation of withdrawn Governor Anwar Choudhury – Head of the Governor’s Office Matthew Forbes – is the same person who filed complaints against the absent governor.

Memorandum from Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller

To His Excellency the Acting Governor: This is regarding your letter to editors of July 26, 2018, a copy of which the Governor’s Office emailed to me on the same date.

Uncertainty, silence surround governor’s sudden ‘withdrawal’

A formal complaint concerning allegations made against Cayman Islands Governor Anwar Choudhury has been submitted to the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Cayman Compass has learned via multiple government sources.

Governor Choudhury ‘temporarily withdrawn’ from post, UK confirms investigation is under way

Cayman Islands Governor Anwar Choudhury’s appointment has been “temporarily withdrawn” for at least the next several weeks while an unspecified investigation proceeds against him, officials with the U.K.’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed via the governor’s office Wednesday.

UK official seeks to block disclosure in Bush lawsuit

A Miami-based U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office employee is opposing an application for disclosure in a civil lawsuit filed against former top Cayman Islands officials who were accused of conspiring to topple former Cayman Premier McKeeva Bush’s government in 2011-2012.

Bush seeks help from U.S. court in ‘conspiracy’ claim

Cayman Islands Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush has sought a Florida court’s assistance in retrieving years of emails and other communications between a Miami-based British law enforcement adviser and former Cayman government officials who Mr. Bush sued, claiming they plotted the demise of his United Democratic Party government in 2011-2012.
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Cayman beneficial ownership laws take effect

The Cayman Islands on July 1 began to operate under new laws that will introduce a technology-based system to enhance its existing regime of maintaining and exchanging information about the true owners of Cayman-registered entities.

UK’s ambassador to Peru gets Cayman governor post

The United Kingdom has mined its international diplomatic pool for Cayman’s next governor.

Governor rates policies, premier in FCO memos

Recent internal communications between the Cayman Islands governor and the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office were made public last week, involving Governor Helen Kilpatrick’s summations of current government policies.

Governors foresaw immigration troubles

Successive Cayman Islands governors foresaw the overseas territory’s current immigration difficulties as far back as the late 1980s and reported the potential for “serious social problems” if various perceived disparities were not addressed.

Cayman governors’ memos

The U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office released annual reports sent by Cayman Islands governors to Britain between 1987 and 2005.

Governor’s ’92 dispatch slams FCO management

A departing missive from former Cayman Islands Governor Alan J. Scott penned in 1992 warned of problems with how the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office was managing its overseas territories, particularly Cayman.

Cayman, other territories to be briefed on Brexit

Representatives of British Overseas Territories were due to meet with U.K. foreign office representatives Thursday amid the fallout from the Brexit vote to discuss how the territories may be affected by upcoming changes.

EDITORIAL – Appreciating our special relationship with the UK

While contemplating a sovereign Cayman Islands may lead to an ephemeral thrill of cultural pride, making a practical case for independence for Cayman is, in brief, impossible.

Cayman budget plan cutting it close

The next Cayman Islands government budget is tentatively scheduled to be presented to the Legislative Assembly on May 30, about a month before local law requires approval of the spending plan.

Governor approves plan for JPs to join search review

Governor Helen Kilpatrick has agreed to sanction two Caymanian justices of the peace to assist in the inquiry into the police search and rescue effort for five missing boaters.

Cayman’s 18-month ‘one-time’ budget will be sent to UK

The Cayman Islands government will submit a one-time, 18-month spending plan to the U.K.’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office within the next week for pre-approval, likely to be the last time Cayman will have to do so, according to Finance Minister Marco Archer.

Governor to stay for extra year

Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick has confirmed that she will “opt” for a four-year term as official head of state in the islands, meaning her time in office will extend to September 2017.

UK minister warns of looming US$312M debt

While congratulating Cayman’s government on the accumulation of big cash reserves by December 2015, Britain’s overseas territories minister has warned Cayman of another massive financial commitment looming within what will be the next administration’s term in office.

Chief officer Bush takes London post

Senior Cayman Islands civil servant Eric Bush has been appointed to lead the government’s London office, a post he once had oversight responsibility for during the tumultuous tenure of former office chief Lord Blencathra.

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