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California winemaker partners with Caribbean foodies

The tropical evenings of the Cayman Islands may not have much in common with the cool, dry nights of California’s Monterey Bay, but as Slow Food South Sound members were recently reminded, Cayman’s warm nights and ocean views pair well with a chilled glass of Californian Sauvignon Blanc.

New wine horizons at Icoa

Hands up, who gets intimidated by wine lists? I’ll admit to sometimes flicking through those dense pages with panicked mystification before inevitably picking the same old New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or Chianti – playing it safe for fear of ordering something unpalatable, or worse, invoking a sommelier’s sneer.

A year of wine: monthly suggestions

It’s easy to get into a wine rut. You like what you like and sometimes it just takes too much thought to try something different. That is a real shame because there are literally thousands of different wines made from hundreds of different grapes available in the world today.

Wine and No. 1 songs of the 1990s

During the 1990s, the world’s popular music scene saw a surge of new genres and sub-genres. It was a decade when music categories like Britpop, grunge, neo-soul, Golden Age hip-hop, gangsta rap, trance and alternative rock all emerged or blossomed.

Where tradition meets modern efficiencies

Until the past quarter century or so, French winemaking was all about tradition. Winemakers did things certain ways because they had been done that way for hundreds of years and no one really complained.

Holiday bubbles for any budget

The French word for “celebration” is Champagne. Well … not really, but it should be, because the two words are almost synonymous. Case in point: Drink a bottle of Champagne with another person at a restaurant and someone will probably ask you, “What are you celebrating?”

Casa Rojo: Creative Spanish wines

Wine has been made in Spain for more than 3,000 years and until the past couple of decades or so, little changed in the approach to winemaking in the country.

Dante’s link to divine wine

The legend of Dante Alighieri has been rekindled recently with the release of the film “Inferno,” which shares the name of the first part of his 14th-century epic poem “Divine Comedy.”

Learn your wine terms: Are you a phylloxera?

Phylloxera is a pest. Literally. In its nymph form, this tiny, voracious, sap-sucking insect native to North America feasts on grapevine wine roots.

Powdered milk to great wine: The Paul Hobbs story

Most winemakers grow up around wine; it’s in their blood, they will tell you. It is rare, therefore, to find one that grew up on powdered milk in a family that didn’t even drink alcohol.

Eco-friendly ways of making wine

Environmental sustainability has become common in the production of many consumer goods over the past two decades and it is no different in the wine industry.

Pied à Terre wines bring uniqueness and value

When it comes to Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, two of the most popular wines on the market today, New World wineries typically produce them in very similar styles. The Sauvignon Blancs are usually dominated either by aromas and flavors of passion fruit and grapefruit, or grassy, green pepper flavors.

Wine and songs from the 1980s

Last month I wrote about songs from the 1970s that mentioned wine in the lyrics. But the ‘70s were not the only decade in which songwriters and musicians wrote and sang about wine; they have done that ever since the first grape was squished. This article looks at five songs of the 1980s that mention wine and explores possible modern brands that might pair best with them.

Alternatives to your three favorite white wines

Most of us are creatures of habit; if we find something we like, we stick with it. It’s not a terrible philosophy, even if it is monotonous.

Oregon offers wines of distinction and character

It is easy to compare Oregon’s wine industry to that of Burgundy in France or even California; there are definite influences from both places in the Willamette Valley, where almost three quarters of the state’s wine is produced. Influences should not be confused with character and spirit though, because the Willamette Valley’s wines are unique expressions, particularly when it comes to Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Wine and seven songs

Wine gets mentioned in songs quite a bit. It’s not just because singers and songwriters enjoy a good alcoholic beverage now and then, or that their subject matter often deals with love, lust or romance, all of which pair nicely with wine.

The five senses of wine: Part 2

Wine interacts with the five human senses in ways no other beverages can.

Five senses of wine: part 1

One of the most delightful aspects of wines is that it is very sensual, in both arousing and sensory ways.

A wine for any time in a relationship

There is an appropriate time and place for just about every wine that makes it to the export market, even if that place is as a base for sangria or mulled wine.

‘Grape’ deals from Europe’s wine regions

Bordeaux. Burgundy. Barolo. Champagne.

New World white wines

It’s summer, and in the Cayman Islands that means it’s time for lighter clothes, lighter foods and lighter wines, which are generally white wines.

Diversity, thy name is Pinot Noir

More so than with any other red wine grape, Pinot Noir wine reflects its terroir – that sense of place that incorporates climate, soil type, elevation, position to the sun and surrounding vegetation.

Liverpudlian wins World Class cocktail competition

Laurie Eaton of The Bistro restaurant will represent the Cayman Islands at the Diageo Reserve World Class cocktail competition finals to compete against more than 60 mixologists from around the globe for the title of best bartender in the world.

Gift wines dad would love

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and if you’re scrambling to buy a present for the father in your life, you may want to consider a bottle of wine.

Summer wines fit for a queen

Summer does not officially begin until June 20, but the long weekend to celebrate the Queen’s birthday generally signifies the unofficial start of the hottest season here in Cayman.

World Class cocktail competition tackles food pairing

With a spot in the Cayman finals of the Diageo Reserve World Class competition at stake, 14 Cayman Islands bartenders prepared drinks that were not necessarily meant to be the best tasting cocktails, at least on their own.

Wine School 3 takes it up a notch

Hospitality industry professionals and wine aficionados in the Cayman Islands, and even those living abroad, can now earn a high-level certification from one of the most globally recognized wine educators in the world – right here on Grand Cayman.

History a big part of Taittinger story

The Champagne producers of France have a rich, fascinating history, both in terms of their wineries and their founders.

Campania: Italy’s lesser known wine-producing gem

Italy is replete with well-known wines and wine regions.

Grape stompers juice their way to glory

Twenty teams signed up to climb inside barrels and stomp barefoot on grapes in the inaugural Grape Stomp and Wine Fest.

Burgundy: Letting grapes shine in wine

Calling the person in charge of making wine in Burgundy a “winemaker” will likely give him or her a level of discomfort.

Wines for a taxing Tax Day

April 15 is looked upon with dread by Americans because that’s the day most of them - if they’re defined by law as a “United States Person” and earn more than a specified amount - are legally required to file their federal tax return, no matter where they might be living in the world.

Dom Pérignon moving toward Champagne perfection

Ask a Frenchman who invented Champagne and the answer you’ll most likely get is Dom Pierre Pérignon, a Benedictine monk, back in the late 17th century at the Abbey of Hautvillers just north of the town of Épernay.

Silverado Vineyards: Striving for delicious

At the forefront of Silverado Vineyards ownership’s philosophy is the idea that their wine needs to be delicious, and the word comes up a lot in the winery’s marketing materials.

Brasserie goes to the Wicket for SWIRL

Rebels like to do things differently, so it was appropriate that the “Rebels of Wine” tasting hosted by Brasserie Purveyors moved, for the first time, from the usual confines of the Brasserie’s indoor chef’s garden to the spacious green by the Wicket Bar for the monthly SWIRL event on Jan. 28.

Chefs, foodies gather for Cayman Cookout

Epicureans enjoyed four days of cooking demonstrations, lavish meals and festivities with some of the world’s most famous chefs at the annual Cayman Cookout over the past week.

‘Diet’ wines to try

There is no such thing as a true "diet" wine, but there are definitely some wines that have fewer calories than others for those looking to lose weight.

Wine school graduates 10 with Level 2 Awards

Wineschool 3 recently saw some of its students obtain WSET Level 2 Awards in Wines & Spirits certifications after successfully completing the 28-hour course.

The Azores: An extraordinary Atlantic archipelago

In May 2012, my two friends and I took a transatlantic cruise from Miami, Florida to Southampton, U.K. Our first stop after about seven days at sea was São Miguel, Azores – the main island of nine in a Portuguese archipelago. 


Resident fashion designer launches website

Kenzie Rose's website includes a selection of stunning pictures, offering buyers a better idea of what her latest collection looks like.

The sweet history of Tokaji wines

Tokaji wines were all but forgotten in the West during the Cold War, but the region produces some of the finest sweet wines in the world.

Nearly $19,000 raised locally for Nepal

The Cayman Islands Red Cross has collected nearly $19,000, including nearly $5,000 from public servants, in its Nepal earthquake appeal.

Hardys: Making wines people want

Hardys wine from Australia is a good example of New World innovation contrasting the traditions of the Old World.

McDonald wins first novice title

A bodybuilding rookie amazed herself by entering her first competition and winning the novice competition in Florida over the weekend.

Vega Sicilia:Spain's most renowned wines

Vega Sicilia is the most renowned winery in Spain. Export Manager Puri Mancebo-Lobete explained why during a recent visit to the Cayman Islands.

Pouilly-Fuissé: The friendlier white Burgundy

The Pouilly-Fuisse wine region in France doesn't currently have any premier cru vineyards, but it does produce some high-quailty white Burgundy wines that tend to be friendlier than those produced in northern Burgundy.


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