Grape stompers juice their way to glory

Charity donation and wine dinner up for grabs

Twenty teams signed up for the Grape Stomp competition to win $2,000 for the charity of their choice. - Photo: Charles Duncan

Twenty teams signed up to climb inside barrels and stomp barefoot on grapes in the inaugural Grape Stomp and Wine Fest.

Teams competed in the ancient art of crushing grapes with their feet, and the winner was the one to get to most juice from a barrel filled with grapes.

Team Quintessential Grapelets showed their stomping savvy and won a $2,000 donation to HospiceCare.

Each team had four people: someone to collect the juice, two people to hold the barrel, and the lucky man or woman to be the designated stomper, crushing several pounds of grapes with their bare feet.

Competing in rounds with four teams each, the group that got the most juice out of their barrel advanced to the second round, again stomping pounds of grapes into juice.

The grape juice was not destined to become wine, but there was plenty of wine to go around as more than 150 people joined in to watch or participate through the three elimination rounds of grape stomping.

The winning team got to select a charity for a $2,000 donation and a Tortuga wine dinner for eight people.

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