Migrants don’t get far

A makeshift vessel with 14 Cuban migrants aboard that left Cayman Brac’s Creek Barcadere late Monday afternoon is now on the reef at the western tip of the island, having travelled a distance of about 10 miles.

The group, which included two women, arrived Monday morning 13 December and left while the Cayman Islands were under a government issued small craft advisory as a cold-front settled over the area.

Another group of 11 migrants, including three women, are also on Cayman Brac. The Cubans were returned to Cayman Brac Saturday after their small boat took on water while under tow to Little Cayman. This group arrived on Cayman Brac in the very early hours Saturday morning and left around 8am.

A small craft arrived early Tuesday on the south side of Cayman Brac at the Channel Warf. According to District Commissioner Kenny Ryan, seven men were on board a 16-foot wooden boat.

Mr. Dervyn Scott, who saw the boat before officials arrived, said it was about 14-feet long and 4½-feet wide and ‘not fit to go to Little Cayman in, let alone Honduras’. He said the boat had truck tires around it and that the rim was no more than 12 inches above water.

He said he was alerted to the arrival of the migrants by Captain Eldon Kirkconnell, who had found them around 6am when he went to check the sea conditions.

The boat and Cubans were taken to Kidco Dock on the south side. District Administration has confirmed that this group departed Tuesday afternoon. The fisherman’s advisory on the government website Tuesday still cautions small craft in open water, with conditions not expected to improve for at least four days.

The 25 Cubans who remain on Cayman Brac are being housed in a secure area.

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