North Side man charged

Following an incident at Little Bluff off the Queen’s Highway on 6 December, a North Side man has been charged with nine offences.

Alvin Robert McLean, 46, appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, 14 December.

Crown Counsel Gail Johnson said the allegations against McLean were very serious and a firearm was involved. She also noted that there were issues relating to the safety of the complainant in the matter and another person. She therefore asked that the defendant be remanded in custody.

Magistrate Nova Hall remanded McLean until 22 December. She noted that some of the charges attract legal aid and she directed that he be given an application form.

No details of the incident were given in court. The allegations, however, are referred to in the specifics of the charges against McLean.

He is accused of assaulting a named man with a shotgun in the back of his head, thereby causing actual bodily harm.

He is further accused of wrongful confinement – that he locked the man inside a storage shed.

He is also charged with theft – taking the man’s wallet with CI$327 and US$41.

A charge of threatening violence arises from the allegation that he told the man, ‘Mind I use the gun on you and shoot you, so you better don’t say anything.’

He is then charged with taking a vehicle without the consent of the owner, possession of the 20-gauge shotgun and six rounds of ammunition without a licence, and possession of an unlicensed firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence. That relates to a threat to discharge the firearm at a named woman.

He is also charged with threatening violence towards the woman.

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